Racking your brains for a last-minute romantic and fun-filled activity? We’ve got you covered! Why do the usual dinner and a movie, when you can reignite the sparks in your relationship with these out-of-the-box and wallet-friendly dates. 

#1 Soar higher

Image: The Straits Times 

At The Marina Barrage, dating goes old school. Keep it sweet like the good times of yesteryear, and buy a kite for as little as $10 on the first floor. Then head up to the rooftop garden and let it loose into the open skies. You’ll be rewarded with a stunning backdrop of the Singapore skyline, and if you stay late enough, you can even partalke in a spot of stargazing. If kites are too traditional for your tastes, get a Frisbee instead so you both can have some energetic fun.

#2 Have a romantic island escapade

Hop on a boat to St John’s Island at the southernmost part of Singapore from Marina South Pier. The 39-hectare island is one of the most remote places in Singapore. The island is only a 15 minute boat ride away from the city, and costs just $18 for adults. 

#3 Unleash your inner Picasso 

Image: Artify Studio

Spend a few hours getting to know your date among some blank canvases, a set of artist brushes and unlimted quantities of rainbow-coloured paint. Best of all? The Liberty Art Jam by Artify Studio is Singapore’s first art studio that works on a pay-what-you-wish system, so after you’re done with your masterpiece, just donate what you think the session was worth.

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#4 Find love in laughter 

Image: Comedy Club Asia

According to a study published in the journal Personal Relationships, sharing giggles with a romantic partner helps to keep those feelings pf love alive and kicking. With that in mind, The ComedyClub Asia has a regular series of shows at Blu Jaz Cafe every Wednesday and Thursday that are sure to keep you and your date rolling in the aisles with laughter. Standard tickets start from $10 per person. 

#5 Have a rooftop picnic

Climb up to the roof of the Esplanade, roll out your picnic mats, and watch the Marina Bay glitter below you.You know that feeling you’ve finally arrived in the city you love, with the person you love? You’ll find it here. 

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#6 Get Lit with Cosmic Bowling 

Image: Flickr

Turn bowling on its head at the Orchid Bowl, where you and your loved one can cosy up to each other in a glow-in-the-dark setitng. Unlike movie theaters where you’re pretty much under strict rules to keep it hush-hush, good-natured ribbing and friendly competition are guaranteed at a bowling alley.

Cosmic bowling is available at The Chevrons, SAFRA Yishun, Punggol and E!Hub. 

#7 Walk the Skybridge at Gardens By The Bay

Visiting Singapore’s futuristic garden may not be so romantic in the day. But come night time, the ambience here totally changes. It’s best experienced walking hand-in-hand along the OCBC Skyway Suspension bridge with the radiating Supertrees in the background. It costs just $5! 

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#8 Watch a movie under the stars

MovieMob offers free movie screening at various locations around the city – from rooftops to parks to Marina Barrage, with the glimmering Marina Bay as your backdrop. The National Museum of SIngapore also holds free outdoor movie screenings. Find out more details, here.

#9 Walk among the treetops 

Photo: Nparks

Everyone has to experience the magic and majesty of nature at MacRitchie Reservoir at least once in their life, so why not do it with your spouse-to-be? Rise bright and early and head to the Treetop Walk – a 250-metre suspended pathway between the two highest points in MacRitchie, Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalan. At its highest point, you’ll be 25 metres above the ground! 

#10 Visit animal shelters

If you both love animals, bond over some furry friends at various animal shelters at Pasir Ris Farmway. Not only is it proven that playing with animals is therapeutic, you also get to go home with a kitty or pup, but only if you’re ready to be a responsible pet owner! 

A version of this article originally appeared in The Singapore Women’s Weekly

Cover image: imtmphoto/123rf.com