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Here are a few types of ‘confetti’ which make for wonderful showers of blessings.

Raw rice grains
If you’re deeply traditional, raw rice grains, which are said to symbolise fertility, prosperity and blessings, are a great way to start your marriage as newly-weds. It lost its popularity in recent times, as it’s said to cause many a slip-up with guests and the couple, and are harmful to birds (although this article debunked the myth), who can’t digest them.

Bird seeds
The more modern and eco-friendly version to rice, bird seeds are another way to celebrate your new status. Simply get a packet from the supermarket, and repackage them in small paper or plastic bags for guests to toss.


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Fresh or dried flowers
If you’re a floral enthusiast, fresh or dried flowers (think wildflowers, lavender, fragrant herbs, roses, or jasmine) or petals are a pretty, colourful and fresh-smelling alternative, and they’re easy to clean up, too.

Whether whole or paper-punched, leaves are a great idea, too, especially if you’re tying the knot in autumn (it’ll have to be a destination celebration, of course, but we’re just saying).

Feathers are a luxurious and comfortable option (no hard-hitting seeds that go into areas it shouldn’t be in!) and they look so whimsical when tossed, or when they settle onto the ground.


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Paper airplanes or butterflies
Depending on what your back story (you may have written letters to one another in the form of folded planes or boats) or hobbies are, miniature folded or cut-out paper shapes are a fun and lovely option for guests to toss.


How adorable is this Pom Pom confetti captured by @WayneYuanPhotography which featured over on Style Me Pretty.

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Mini pom poms
You can choose to either do your own, or buy them from the craft store, but they’re adorably fun, and won’t stick in your hair or dress, which is a plus.

Folded stars
Place a bunch of them into glass jars or clear plastic bags on chairs (or hanging on the chairs in front of each guest), and have guests toss them for a starry exit after.

Add spark into your lives with fabulous sequins or glitter! We recommend you get the bigger ones as they’re easier to swipe off your outfits, and probably easier to remove from the venue as well.

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Beach balls
We came across this idea on, and we loved it! The beach balls tie in with the couple’s theme perfectly, and injected colour into their pictures and memories easily.

If your venue doesn’t allow doing the confetti toss indoors, consider doing it outdoors, right outside the church or solemnisation venue, or adjourn to a spot outdoors where it’s fine to do so. Just don’t forget to clean up afterwards! Or, consider alternatives, such as releasing balloons, waving streamers, and so on. Look out for that story in a bit!