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13 simple, pretty bridesmaid hairstyles for medium to long hair lengths
Your bridesmaids have put in the time and effort to make sure this is the best day of your life, so you'll want them to look and feel beautiful from head to toe, too. Gotten their outfits sorted? Check out these lovely hairstyles for to put the finishing touch.
5 things to be aware of when your spouse-to-be's a foreigner
From communication issues to buying a BTO and the process of getting legally married, this writer shares the challenges that comes with marrying a foreign spouse.
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Wedding guest list: 6 ways to do it diplomatically
by Sponsored
Trimming your wedding guest list is something you and your husband-to-be will have to do at some point during your wedding planning process. Here, ways to do it respectfully and with minimal arguments.
10 things brides wish they knew before the wedding day
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November 2019: The best wedding shows and events to visit
Engaged couples, here's where to head to in the month of November for lotsa exclusive wedding perks, promotions and fun-filled activities.
You'll actually want to wear these stylish si dian jin pieces after the wedding
Goldheart redefines a centuries-old tradition with its selection of sleek 22K gold si dian jin pieces that beckon to the modern bride.
What most couples look for in their wedding venues & why you should too
From the configuration of the ballroom to the lighting, this list has everything you need to know about choosing your wedding venue.
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A captivating blend of classic elements and rustic, laid-back touches adds modernity to a timelessly elegant celebration.
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What do guests really love about weddings?
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20+ Singapore florists to look to for your bridal bouquet and wedding centrepieces
Whether you're after romantic bridal bouquets or head-turning wedding centrepieces, backdrops or installations, these Singapore florists dream up the most enchanting creations for your special day.