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The most basic way to calculate your “life path number” is from your date of birth. Each number represents a certain personality type and helps guide you to making decisions based on it.

To calculate your number, simply add the numbers of your birthdate (DD/MM/YYYY), till you get a single digit. For example, if you’re born on 29 June 2001, here’s how you should calculate it: 2+9+6+2+0+0+1 = 20 -> 2+0 = 2.

Life Path 1
She is confident, strong and like to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You have plenty of interesting ideas but will need a team of people to carry out your vision. You would like your wedding to be a truly unique celebration that’s full of glamour and style, and will leave guests wanting for more. You are rather opinionated and probably possess a Type A personality, which will help you direct your team of vendors to execute your perfect plan.

Life Path 2
She is pleasant, diplomatic, and prefers a simple yet romantic wedding. Despite your easy-going nature, you are meticulous and may come across as slightly fussy. When planning for your wedding, don’t stress too much on the information and details, and learn to let go; remember to delegate some tasks to your helpers so you don’t end up snapping!

Life Path 3
She is bright, cheerful, creative and wants the best for her big day. She is willing to spend to achieve her goal (and might blow her budget), loves a dramatic entrance as well as details, and will not mind hiring a wedding planner to help with her dream celebrations. 

Life Path 4
She is organized, cautious and prefer to oversee her entire wedding plan. Being practical and realistic, she will consider many aspects (for her family members, friends, guests and so on) before planning her wedding. As she is rather budget-conscious, she will be likely to get the best bargains at wedding fairs or opt for a more DIY style!

Life Path 5
She is adventurous, exciting and willing to go the extra mile to achieve an unforgettable wedding. This is someone who prefers a modern, relaxed and by the sea kind of wedding. In fact, if she can hold her wedding in a far and exotic destination, it will make her really happy. She will want to throw in plenty of surprises and games to liven up the wedding.

Life Path 6
She is attractive, charming and love a fairy tale wedding. However, she is also a perfectionist and will take see that every single detail is done to her satisfaction. Due to her good relationships with people from all walks of life, many will be more than willing to lend a helping hand to create a wonderful romantic wedding!

Life Path 7
She is elegant, intelligent and prefers a simple yet sophisticated wedding. As she is rather spiritual, she prefers a beautiful, traditional ceremony in a church or a castle. Although, if it’s within her budget, most of her wedding items would come from overseas, especially those from Europe thanks to its aesthetic, heritage and varied culture.

Life Path 8
She is active, professional and has a taste for the finer things. Her expectations are high and she tends to micro-manage things occasionally (and this includes wedding planning). She is careful with her expenses, but she will not hesitate to enlist the help of professionals to create a modern yet classy and lavish celebration.

Life Path 9
She is capable, down to earth and loves to involve everyone (especially her family members and friends) in creating the perfect wedding. She has a habit of rushing things out at the last minute, even her wedding plans, dress plans, honeymoon and so on, which may add stress to the already hectic process. Despite that, she enjoys designing and orchestrating her entire wedding program; some will even go as far as sewing their own wedding gown!

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