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It’s not uncommon to experience arguments while planning for your wedding, even if you’ve had a relatively peaceful relationship before. Couples will have different priorities, and at times, the stress of catering to different needs and wants may get to you. Here, Cindy shares a few simple fixes to ensure a smooth planning process for your big day. 

Identify your needs and wants, and understand the important details that need attention. Arguments usually arise due to unresolved issues and differing opinions that in turn may lead to more conflict. Try to see things from each other’s perspective once in a while. For instance, his priority may be sticking to the budget, while your priority is to try to get the best or prettiest item for your wedding.

A wedding isn’t just about two people; it’s also about your families, too. Even if it’s your day, you should try your best to iron out any differences that may arise between both sets of parents.

Take time off
Planning for your wedding can be tiring – both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is important that you both schedule time away from your wedding plans – date nights and quality time together will help immensely. Nothing beats knowing you’ve got each other’s back, especially during stressful periods like this. There is no point on focusing on the wedding, only to miss out on quality time with your partner.

Communication is key – many conflicts occur due to misunderstandings and differences, but these can be averted or solved when you talk it out. At the end of the day, it is important for the both of you to remember to show your partner love, respect, and the concern he or she needs.

Planning for your wedding can bring out certain negative traits; this may be a good time to discover more about your partner and make effort to strengthen your bonds. During this stressful period. This will be the first of many uneventful experiences you two will have to overcome in future, and it’s a great time to work out your boundaries, and how you handle stress.

Cindy Leong is the Dating and Relationship Coach, and Wedding Planner of Relationship Studio. She conducts personal appointments, as well as workshops for couples. For more information on her work, you can go, or e-mail