Concealer is your best friend. When we went to a Laura Mercier event recently, one of the brand’s makeup artists demonstrated how you can cover up with a few clever dabs and swipes of the brush. Simply refer to our video here on how you can get it done. If you’re worried of sweating it all off, dust a little loose powder over to mattify it. It’ll last longer that way, too. 

If you’re not big on piling on the makeup to cover your tatts in conspicuous areas, you can opt for gowns that do. Whether you’ve got one on the back of your neck, arms, ankles, or back of your ear, there are ways to get around it – from gowns with high necklines, long sleeves, floor-length skirts. Or gowns with sheer fabrics, where the tattoos can look like colorful patterns on the dress. You can even opt for a low, tousled bun to cover the one behind your ears, if you’ve got one there.

Wedding gown inspiration from the couture runways CLASSIC Elie Saab 5Gown: Elie Saab

Okay, so we’re cheating. This isn’t a solution, technically, but we feel you should do what you want best. If you’re proud of your tattoos and wouldn’t mind showing them off, we say, go for it. You don’t have to explain to anyone about your life decisions except for yourself. And, if anyone questions it, simply tell them that it’s a part of you and you’d like it to make an “appearance” at your wedding. Remember: It’s your big day and people will have to respect that.

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