A bride’s bouquet isn’t beautiful just because. There are many elements that go into making it look stunning – the choice of colour, flower, bouquet shape, and how all these are used together.      

You can, of course, use any colour you want for your bridal bouquet. Some brides choose their favourite shades; others prefer matching the look to the wedding theme.

For a bouquet to look fresh and really pretty, the best colours to work with are pale icy shades to mid-tones. They look good in photos, go well with a white gown and help create that “radiant illusion”, which adds to your looks.

How to choose your wedding bouquet

Left: Yellow and white eustoma, $250, from GREEN POINT FLOWERS
Right: and Ranunculus, spray rose and silver leaves, $380, and birdcage, $80, both from FIORE DORATO

Here are some versatile colours and bouquet shapes to think about for more ideas.

Delicate yellow
While bold yellow effects a “sunny” happy feel, a pale yellow is more romantic, and no less “happy”. Enhance the romantic look with a mix of eustoma and carnation blooms – flowers that have soft petals with ruffled edges.

Combined with white flowers, the bouquet is perfect for a creamy white gown with a soft, flowing silhouette. Also, keep the bouquet top-heavy, to maintain that “delicate” look.  

Icy pink
A cool, pale pink is usually the first choice of nearly every bride. No surprises why – it’s a sweet colour that looks good on fair or tanned skin, it works well for pure or off-white gowns and finally, a full pink bouquet tends to make everything look more radiant.

Since it is a pale hue, icy pink works well with other colours. But for a really modern-looking bouquet, mix this cool shade with other icy colours – think a soft or wintry green, or cream.
A bouquet in this colour should look pretty – work with soft petalled blooms such as ranunculus, wild roses and eustoma. Make it a round one since the colours are pale. It will look lush and full, making it perfect with a ballgown look.