When advising brides-to-be on their wardrobe for the wedding, I always spare some time and thought to what the groom will be wearing as well.  Most times, the groom would have settled on a 2-piece suit in dark masculine colours (think navy, hues of grey or even black) that can be used for work and other formal occasions after the wedding. It may sound boring and staid but a classic well-tailored suit doesn’t have to be that way.

It all boils down to stylish accessories and additional garments that can amp up the fashion factor for these standard suits. From colourful ties and bow-ties, to patterned vests and witty accessories like cuff links and tie-clips, the groom can stand out on his own during the celebrations.

Here are some tips on how to match his suit to her gowns:

It’s a Tie!
If the bride is wearing an all-white/ cream gown, the groom can choose a similar coloured tie or bow-tie to match the colour of her gown. Opt for a patterned or embroidered version for more texture and an added luxe feel. 

If the bride’s gowns come with accents of colour (blue, black or pink), the groom can find a matching colour tie or one with matching colour prints – polka-dots, stripes (like the one below) and so on. And lets not forget the pocket handkerchief. Alternatively, the groom can wear a matching coloured shirt instead of the standard white version. 

dec 2014Grooms29086BW.jpgSuit, shirt and bow tie, $280 to rent or $880 to buy, from RICO-A-MONA.

Matching Blooms
The best way to add some colour to a formal suits is with a pretty boutonniere. You can match the bridal bouquet, the colourful details of her dress or the colour theme of your decor. Or you can choose to have one in a colour that is significant to both of you.

grooms2_0.jpgSuit and shirt, $850 to buy only, from THE FELINE BRIDAL. 

Sparkling Extras
Depending on the theme of your celebrations, you may want to forgo the colour accents and opt for crystal (or diamond!) accessories. Glittering extras are perfect for luxe weddings and decor themes based on a shimmering gold and silver colour palettes as well. And they complement a bridal gown that is embellished with metallic thread embroidery and beadwork as well.

You can customised crystal brooches to wear instead of your boutonniere, or have a mix of flowers and crystal elements in the arrangement. Cufflinks and tie-clips with sparkling details are also a good option. Or you can wear a heirloom brooch from your parents or relatives – it will be a nice, symbolic and respectful gesture.

dec 2013 4-WC 11976a.jpgSuit and bow tie, $280 to rent or $450 to buy, and shirt, $150 to buy only, from BRIDAL ZONE.

Fabric Control
If your bride chooses a brocade gown or a dress made from patterned fabric, you can use the same fabric to tailor a matching waistcoat, cummerband or tie. If the bridal gown designer does not provide tailoring services for menswear, offer to buy extra metres of the fabric and bring it to your own tailor.

june 2013Groom37021 copy.jpgSuit, dress shirt and bow tie, $880 to rent or $3,800 to buy, from RICO-A-MONA.

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