PHOTO: Her World Brides Sept 2014

Tall and thin
He will pull off nearly any look, especially the longer four- or five-button suits. He’ll look dashing in a formal tailcoat as well.

A tailcoat lends the illusion of height. As will a single-breasted coat. A peaked lapel draws attention up and out, making him look taller.

Go for a jacket with a tapered cut (single button, single-breasted), or a cut that skims straight down the hips (a three- or four-button suit).

Double-breasted coats are still best for a slimming effect. Avoid low-cut vests and high-button suits – they’ll make him look “overstuffed”.

If he has a short or heavy neck, skip the Nehru or wing collars and bow ties. Go for a simple, lay-down collar with a tie instead.

Knowing how it’s made
The most common question that stumps a man when he first goes shopping for a suit is the difference between custom-made and ready-to-wear, say tailors.

This is a suit that is hand-made to your specificatoins. Every part of the suit is hand-done, from paper pattern to stitching, and this can cost but it would usually last a lifetime too. A custom-made suit is also known as a bespoke suit because the suit’s details are “spoken for” by the customer. Here, custom-made is also sometimes referred to as “made-to-measure”.

This is a suit sold completely finished except for the trouser length. It’s machine-made to a standard size and may have to be altered to suit individual sizes. As such, it may not fit as well as a custom-made suit. 

This article was first featured in Her World Brides Dec 2004 – Feb 2005.