Gown: Blush Blush Bridal Couture. PHOTO: Female Brides Issue 11, shot in Bhutan.

Select a gown that flatters your figure best.
Like your wedding gown, you’ll want to make sure your second gown doesn’t highlight all the wrong areas. Find out how to do so with our guide here and here.

Pick a hue
Like lipsticks, you’ll first have to determine which shade of red suits your skin best. For instance, a bright red with slightly orange undertones suits fair or cool skin better, dark reds with blue undertones will suit a skin tone that’s got yellow undertones. And of course have makeup that matches the colour of your gown.

Accessorise well
Think simple, small and complementary. Colours that match best are gold, silver and sparkling diamonds! Your dress should be the focal point of your ensemble, so you don’t want anything else to take the attention away from it. You can even have your groom wear an accessory to match your gown if he’s not a fan of wearing red.