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White comes in so many shades now. How do you know which works best for the many clients you see?
Most gowns don’t come in pure white, which is good because it washes out all but the darkest skin tones. Diamond white, which is a little creamier, is the most popular and looks great against most complexions. Light ivory is also universally flattering. 

If you’re pale-skinned, medium to dark ivory is a nice contrast that will help brighten up the skin. I would advise every bride to try on several whites to determine what looks best.

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How should a bride approach her first visit to a bridal salon?
A typical appointment is one hour but has been known to stretch, depending on the number of dresses she wants to try on or the complexity of a custom design, so she should aim to keep at least a few hours free for this visit. 

I tell all potential clients to go through magazines and online bridal stores to get an idea of what they’re drawn to in terms of style, shape, and attitude, and bring those tear sheets or printouts to the first appointment.

Getting the correct feel – romantic, contemporary, beachy, and otherwise – is key to the consultation because it allows me to pull a range of dresses that might work or do a couple of preliminary sketches. 

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Photo: Digio Bridal

Who should the bride bring along?
She shouldn’t bring more than three people with her. When a bride comes with an entourage, everyone has an opinion, which makes it difficult for her to express herself. 

Some brides end up choosing dresses they never liked just to please someone else. Others leave without making a decision. Most brides do best with just their mum and maybe a sister or best friend.

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Any tips for helping a bride find her dream dress?
Keep an open mind. More often than not, brides end up choosing dresses that look nothing like the pictures they bring in, so try on everything the consultant brings you – even if you don’t think it’s you. 

Or they might see a dress they normally would never wear because it doesn’t have hanger appeal, and then fall in love with it the moment they put it on. 

Wedding gowns are made differently from regular dresses. They have layers and other elements that pull you in in all the right places, so a style that doesn’t normally flatter you might be just the one for your wedding.

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Photo: Digio Bridal

What kind of dress details would you recommend to a Spring bride?
If you’ve worked hard at the gym, show off your figure with a plunging illusion back, strategic cut-outs, illusion panels or peekaboo lace. Also worth checking out are whimsical 3-D whimsical butterflies appliqued on layers of silk tulle.

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Should a bride let her bridesmaids pick their own gowns?
There’s no real etiquette on how much a bride should involve her bridesmaids in the choosing of dresses, but the more input you allow them the better. 

They may not say so, but It’s important for your bridesmaids to like and feel comfortable in their dresses. So you have two options: gather them to try to collectively agree on a style and shade. Or talk to each one separately. Then, when you’ve narrowed it down to a few styles, have them try them on before saying yes to the dresses. 

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The original story was first published in Her World Brides Dec 2016.