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8 trendy ways to get your bridesmaids looking coordinated

Shopping for your bridesmaids dresses? Here, some easy tips on how you can have your bridesmaids looking stylish, happy and coordinated on your wedding day.

Real bride Jin Cheung decided on matching silver headpieces and convertible maxi dresses for her bridesmaids. Image by Bloc Memoire Photography

Almost as fun – or as tedious (depending on how you look at it) – as shopping for your wedding gown; choosing your bridesmaids outfits is a big part of wedding day prep with more bridesmaids trends coming in play.

Here, some easy tips on how you can have your bridesmaids looking stylish, happy and coordinated on your wedding day.

Always keep in the mind the golden rule though: The bridesmaids should not outshine the bride!

1. Think of the big picture

Consider your own wedding gown, groom’s outfit, bouquets, wedding decor and theme before deciding on your bridesmaids’ ensembles.

The biggest thing to avoid? - Having too many things going on.

2. Same same or different?

Real bride Wu Jiezhen had her girl squad turn up in dresses in different styles and varying shades of blue. Image by Li Haolun of Framewerks

Do you want your bridal squad show up in the same colour or dress style? Or would you rather have varying shades and styles that share a distinct theme?

3. Pick something flattering

Bear in mind each of your bridesmaid’s individual figure and colouring when you’re deciding on their dresses.

To ensure a flattering fit for all, it’s best to consider different style dresses or outfits.

If you want some semblance of uniformity, you can have the dresses made of the same fabric or be in similar hues.


4. Shop together

Each of Estelle Goh's bridesmaid looked gorgeous in their identical blue halter maxi dresses! Image by All Aflutter Photography.

The best way you can ensure everyone is looking their best is to simply shop together.

Make an appointment with the designer, or head over to the retail stores together to try on the designs on the spot!

There are also online retailers who accept appointments to their office/warehouse space for try-ons.

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5. Keep it classic

A lovely pale cream and light pink colour palette was chosen for Yvonne Khoo's bridesmaids' dress and bouquets. Image by Kai Picture. 

Class will never go out of trend.

For a timeless bridesmaids’ look, stick to clean, neutral colours and light airy fabrics like chiffon and organza with a satin base across the board.

6. From their own wardrobe 

After being given a few shades of purple to choose from, Alexandrea Lenden-Hitchcock's bridesmaids picked out their own outfits. Image by All Aflutter Photography.

Instead of purchasing brand new outfits for the wedding, you can ask your bridesmaids to wear something they already have, but decide on a coordinated colour or attire (crop top with tulle skirt, sleeveless top with pants etc).

You'll get to save on some costs while your bridesmaids can pick out something they are definitely going to be comfortable in.


7. Don’t forget your accessories

Shoes and accessories make a difference to the look and your uniformity might be ruined if you forget to coordinate them! 

8. Have the guys join in the fun

Navy across the board! – With the groomsmen sporting ties in the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses for Mun Ching & Vincent's Chijmes wedding. Image by Andri Tei Photography.

For a really coordinated look, the groomsmen can wear matching ties, shirts or socks in the same fabric or colour. Also, their boutonnieres can be made of the same flowers as your bridesmaids’ bouquet.