Credit: Lightviewsg

From the self-designed gown to the blushing bride herself, 37-year-old Shasha’s wedding photoshoot was picture-perfect. The only thing missing? A husband.

Despite being unceremoniously dumped by her fiancé just three weeks before their October wedding, Shasha has been winning hearts online after pushing through with her wedding photoshoot alone.

Sharing the stunning photos in a post that has since garnered over 1,500 shares, local photography studio lightviewsg wrote that the shoot was “a first” for them.

Despite “unfavourable news”, Shasha “forged on, held her head high and decided to hold a well-deserved solo photoshoot”, the studio shared.

She had moved to Singapore four years ago for work and to “remove the distance” in a previous long-distance relationship, Shasha shared candidly in a blogpost.

Unfortunately, the relationship ended and she found herself turning to dating apps to find love.

As fate would have it, she met her ex-fiancé, R, on a dating app just five weeks before she was about to move to Wellington, New Zealand to be with her parents.

Things moved quickly, she recounted.

“After three dates and knowing that I was close to flying out of Singapore, he proposed to meet each other’s parents and do the nikah (marriage), to start our lives together.”

Within four weeks, they were engaged after obtaining their parents’ approval, she said.

Shasha even met with R’s two children from a previous marriage and “fell in love” with them.

But her hopes of a fairytale wedding were dashed when a mere three weeks before their big day, R announced that he was backing out “without any resolve or good reason”.

She was blindsided by the decision as she had been hoping to work things out with R despite “a few conflicts“, she wrote.

“Slowly, I had to call off all the wedding arrangements by myself. The vendors were amazingly kind and empathetic but every cancellation just made me sink deeper into disbelief.”

Despite the grief she was feeling, she became resolved to “do something positive” thanks to the love and support from those around her, she explained.

“These were the people that continued to remain in my life and reminded me that there was simply so much beauty and kindness in my life for me.”

Posing alone in her wedding gown and bouquet, Shasha also highlighted several choice quotes in her shoot, emphasising that marriage has no expiry date.

The photos drew dozens of well-wishers, with many praising Shasha’s strength and expressing their admiration for her.

One wrote: “Good for her! Admire her sense of self-love. Too many people in this world don’t love themselves enough, thus forever dancing to the tune of others for validation.”

Another couldn’t resist taking a jab at her ex, writing: “Whoever the guy is, he definitely lost a gem.”

Like Shasha, a growing number of women in China are opting for solo wedding photoshoots, China Daily reported in October.

The trend has seen a boom in one-person wedding photography packages at studios, aimed at brides-to-be, as well as single women who simply wish to get dolled up in bridal gowns.

This article was first published in AsiaOne.