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The latest trend of sheer dresses with plunging backs and necklines leave nothing much for the imagination, even with strategically placed lace patches and embroidery! But these dresses may not be suitable for every event or occasion at your wedding. You can’t wear something head-to-toe translucent or sheer for your church wedding, or a dress with waist high slits for your breezy beach reception (think Chrissy Teigen at the American Music Awards!)

So if you’ve found your dream dress and it’s more than a little revealing, here are some suggestions on how to style the dresses for more conservative occasions:


Plunging necklines

Most designers provide a sheer detachable panel that can be worn over the deep V neckline for more modesty – so you see a bit of skin without having to worry about exposing too much when you bend down. Ask for this option if you like to have a dress that works well for both your church and dinner party.

You can also wear a large statement necklace that can be removed when you want to bare more skin.


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Low Backs

If you don’t want disapproving looks from your older relatives and guests, think of having a pretty white tulle or lace shall and cover up that can help cover your low and exposed back during the church or formal wedding ceremonies. A sheer cape would be a dramatic option as well.

The other option is to have illusion backs or detachable sheer, lacy panels that can help cover the exposed skin more.


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Thigh/Waist high slits

Get the right undergarments! If that’s still not enough for your church ceremony, consider having a simple long sheer or lacy slip skirt you can wear under you gown; the slit will reveal pretty fabric when you walk instead of bare skin.

Another option is to slip on a pair of silky/lacy shorts or miniskirt under your gown for a more fashion-forward look.


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Low-cut bustiers

Besides having a shawl or cropped jacket, you can also think of detachable sheer or lacy sleeves or neckpieces. If you worry about the gown showing too much when you move about, use double-sided tape to ensure nothing gets out of place


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Sheer Panels

Designers are creating more full body sheer wedding dresses with only pieces of lace and embroidery to cover the vital areas! If you love this look but don’t fancy exposing too much skin, you can always opt for additional layers of sheer tulle or lace to wear under the dress – the effect will be less sheer and more coverage.

You can also opt for nude corsets and undergarments that blend with you skin tone and give the illusion of bare skin under your dress.


  • If you want to bare more skin, make sure your skin is flawless. Go for body scrubs to listen and get rid of skin marks and moisturise all over for a smooth finish and look.
  • Add some body shimmer and shine to exposed skin – just make sure you don’t stain your gown in the process
  • Get some health skin colour and get a tan! Just avoid too much sun – we want a nice light bronzy glow and not a look like you just came out of the over!
  • Avoid top-to-toe sexy! Keep your makeup and hair clean and sleek and opt for a pretty, rosy and romantic look that would add some girlish charm to your fashion look