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Grooms, are you making these common formal wear mistakes?

How to look leaner in a suit? Is wearing your business suit for your big day fine? Menswear retailer Suitsupply shares the low-down on groomswear.


1. Not standing out on your big day

We’d understand if you prefer to go with a good black, navy or grey suit or tux (as opposed to going with a checks or striped option), for your day as the groom.

That’s not to say that you can’t stand out while keeping your look wedding-appropriate.

What Suitsupply suggests:

Opt for an appropriate patterned pocket square or tie that stands out – Suitsupply provides a large variety of patterned and non-patterned pocket squares and ties at our store.

You could also consider add-ons such as waistcoats and cufflinks.



The Tuxedo Package – Tux, shirt, shoes & bow tie. Available in store and online. #Suitsupply

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2. Being in an ill-fitted suit

Fit is everything. You could choose the most outstanding design with the full works but still look shabby if your suit doesn’t sit well on your body.

What Suitsupply says:

“Getting a suit that doesn’t fit well is one of the most common mistake that grooms make. Finding the right size and fit is the most important thing when buying a suit for any occasion.”


3. Not matching with your bride

Another oversight grooms tend to make is not matching your tie to your bride’s wedding gown or accessories. This also extends to the look and feel of your outfits.



The Washington Tux. Extra bold in structure, super light in weight. #Suitsupply

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4. For pleasure, not work: wearing your business suit

Wearing an ordinary business suit to your wedding may sound like a good idea – budget-wise, but looks-wise it’s a no-no.



The Eveningwear Collection. #Suitsupply

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5. Work with your body proportions

Getting the right size and fit has also to do with working with your body proportions.


More tips from Suitsupply:

If you’ve a short torso:

Balance your proportions by choosing your pants in lighter colours and with border details to bring attention to the lower half of your body. Also, try to avoid short jackets as much as you can.

If you want to look leaner:

Get rid of baggy clothes and opt to tailor your apparels so that they will fit your body better.

If you want to add bulk to your frame:

Clean-lined coats, double-breasted suits or dual-button, single-breasted suits are commonly used for a more bulky look. Search for size-enhancing textures like checks.

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