Photo: Her World Brides September 2015

Capricorn – Simple and traditional

Self-disciplined and driven, the Capricorn bride works hard to make her wedding a big success. The are realistic, logical and can see the big picture when other can’t.  They plan well for their wedding and will ensure its the celebration of her dreams

Her Style: Classic, simple and tradiitonal styles


Photo: Her World Brides June 2013

Aquarius – Bohemian Chic

Generous, and loved by everyone, the Aquarius bride is friendly, free-spirited and thinks about her loved ones all the time.  Her wedding will be one that reflects her nature – easy, fun and relaxed with the focus on ensuring everyone has a good time.

Her style: Free-spirited, fuss-free and bohemian


Photo: Her World Brides March 2015

Pisces – Dreamy and Ethereal

The Pisces brides tends to a dreamy, kind and caring. They are also dedicated and loyal to loved ones and have deep compassion for tohers. Their weddings will be romantic affairs, pretty celebrations that will embrace and involve all her loved ones

Her Style: Graceful, fluid and ethereal styles


Photo: Her World Brides September 2013

Aries – Fashion-forward glamour

Aries brides tend to be full of life and energy, always looking for challenges and aren’t afraid of taking the lead. They are passionate about things and are always up to taking on challenges. Their weddings will be unconventional but glamorous at the same time

Her bridal style:  Something exciting, bold and glamorous.  


Photo: Her World Brides June 2015

Taurus – Luxe & Sensual

The Taurus bride is someone who is earthy and sensual, pleasure-seeking and who loves luxury.They love life and are dedicated partners for life. Their celebrations will be beautiful, joyous affairs with the focus on great food and a good time

Her bridal style: Sensual, fluid and earthy

Photo: Her World Brides September 2015

Gemini – Stylishly versatile

The Gemini twins mean that brides under this sign are effervescent, curious and very sociable; they are fun, creative personalities and love new ides and concepts – always thinking out of the box. They will probably have unconventional weddings that reflect their personalities and style – think al fresco celebrations or events that are both glamoruous and romantic.

Her Style: Fun, creative and unique


Photo: Her World Brides December 2015

Cancer – Vintage and romantic

Thoughtful, dedicated and loyal. The Cancer bride is is also down-to-earth, thoughtful and likes all things vintage and home-y. ‘Rustic’ themed weddings will be perfect for the Cancer bride; pretty, easy and relaxed affairs filled with vintage elements.

Her bridal style? Vintage-inspired romantic gowns


Photo: Her World Brides June 2015

Leo – Regal yet modern 

The Leo bride is proud, regal and confident. But they also tend to be more relaxed and do not like complicated things.The love luxury and extravagance. Grand dinners that are also modern – without all the fussy details.

Her Style: Something grand and regal, but nothing too elaborate or complicated.


Photo: Her World Brides September 2015

Virgo – Elegant and embellished

The Vigo bride is someone who is calm, family-oriented, kind, patent and loves to work with their hands at producing detailed, useful things. They are creative thinkers too! Her weddings will probably be cosy, intimate affairs that are all about celebrating the occasion with loved ones.

Her Style: Elegant styles embellished with creative details


Photo: Her World Brides December 2015

Libra – Beautiful and classic

The Libra bride are balance people who yearn for harmony and peace. The are thoughtful and strive for happiness and a happy outcome for everyone she cares about. They will probably have a traditional and elegant wedding ceremony and celebration.

Her Style: Classic, beautiful gowns


Photo: Her World Brides September 2013

Scorpio – Sexy and bold

Fearless, adventurous and emotional.  They are contemplative and curious as well and are not afraid of being in the limelight. They will love festive, unconventional and fun celebrations that are full of activities, and filled with tons of personal elements.

Her Style: Bold, sexy and fearless


Photo: Her World Brides September 2015

Sagittarius – Flamboyant and creative

Creative, flamboyant and adventurous! The Sagi bride loves fun and unexpected weddings and celebrations where she is always in the spotlight, and with lots of socialising.

Her style: Scene-stealing that’s still chic and stlyish