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#1 Allocate enough time for your first visit to the bridal salon

“A typical appointment is one hour but has been known to stretch, depending on the number of dresses she wants to try on or the complexity of a custom design, so she should aim to keep at least a few hours free for the visit. I tell all potential clients to go through magazines and online bridal stores to get an idea of what they’re drawn to in terms of style, shape, and attitude, and bring those tear sheets or printouts to the first appointment.” – Designer Qinwen Zheng, Digio Bridal


#2 The most important opinion is yours

“She should look and feel good about herself in the gown. Don’t worry about the opinions of others; go with what you love. Your wedding is a special occasion – the beginning of a new chapter in your life – so look your best without compromising on your character and style.” – Designers Jesline Ong and Jessie Wong of Rico-A-Mona Bridal


#3 Consider your silhouette and proportions 

It’s really important that you keep these two factors in mind when choosing a wedding dress, no matter what your ethnicity. Proportion is especially important. As most Asian women tend to be petite, you don’t want a dress that’s going to be too big or overpower you. 

You have to look at smaller details and more delicate beading, and lace with a smaller pattern, as well as more delicate jewellery. If you want to wear a ballgown, go for something slimmer and in a lighter fabric. For your bouquet, opt for smaller flowers. 

The same logic applies to the curvaceous or a taller woman with a fuller figure. Big patterns, bolder beading and large flowers are more in proportion to your body.” – Randy Fenoli, American television presenter (Say Yes to The Dress) and fashion designer 



#4 Know your whites

“Most gowns don’t come in pure white, which is good because it washes out all but the darkest skin tones. Diamond white, which is a little creamier, is the most popular and looks great against most complexions. Light ivory is also universally flattering. 

If you’re pale-skinned (also see these makeup tips for pale-skinned brides!), medium to dark ivory is a nice contrast that will help brighten up the skin. I would advise every bride to try on several whites to determine what looks best.” – Designer Qinwen Zheng, Digio Bridal


#5 Know when to stop

“You would want to order your dress six to eight months beforehand, or you may not be able to get the style you like.

And after you say yes to the dress, you have to stop shopping. It’s just like when you find the perfect guy, you shouldn’t go to the singles bar after that.” – Randy Fenoli


#6 Keep it classy

“It’s all about the bride, be it the silhouette, fabric or detailing. They convey whatever they have in mind, and I will come up with a design based on their preferences and body shape. It is very important to design dresses to suit one’s figure.

“I personally love sexy, skin-baring gowns but I often tell my clients, it is a wedding after all, so the dress should not be overly revealing.” Pin Wah, Blush Blush Bridal Couture