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Celeb bridal style: 3 tips to know

Steve Thio, Contributing Editor for Her world Brides and Her World Brides Luxe have helped a few celebrity brides plan for their wedding. Here are some tips you can abide when planning your wedding look

Photos (from L to R): Jesseca Liu & Jeremy Chan's pre-wedding shoot in Bhutan by Skyy Woo Photography, Jade Seah & Terence Lim's wedding & Vivien Han & Ken Zhu's wedding by Lens Studio Photography.

Celebrity brides, like any other bride, also need help when planning for their wedding. When it comes to their bridal style, celebrities have a vague idea of what they prefer and like but they do need some expert advice to focus their ideas into concrete looks

Here are my 3 takeaways from my experiences in helping celebrity brides:


1. Know what your physical assets and flaws are

Like any other woman or bride, celebrities look for a style and dress that would enhance their physical attributes - "Something strapless to focus on my looong neck!", and hide their flaws; "definitely a ballgown to hide my wide hips!"

With their experience in the limelight, celebrities know what dress style works best for them to look picture perfect.

The same philosophy goes for their makeup and hair; the celeb brides I worked with have always opted for clean pretty makeup that enhance their best facial features - its all about looking like they usually do except better! 

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2. Enhance, enhance, enhance

I have never come across a celebrity bride who opted for a bridal look that is so unlike her personal style! 

I always encourage brides to try on different kinds of dresses besides what they would instinctively like.

But most times they eventually choose the dress that reflects their personal style. They never pick that dress that may look stunning on the hanger but does nothing for them after they're tried it on.  

Always pick the dress that lets you shine - and not the dress that outshines you!


3. Comfort matters!

I would assume that their experience on the red carpet and at glam events have taught celeb brides that comfort is key when picking the right dress for formal occasions. 

Weddings are even more tiring then just showing up for the red carpet - if you have to move around a lot and travel from one location to another, then you better make sure your dress allows for maximum movement and is comfortable to wear for the whole day.  

X Don't pick a design that restricts your breathing or doesn't allow you to eat throughout the day! 

X Don't pick a dress that will lead easily to a wardrobe malfunction if you move around too much!

X Don't pick a gown that is so figure-hugging that walking, or climbing up steps becomes an issue.

X Don't pick a dress in a fabric that irritates you or is itchy no matter how beautiful it looks.

X And don't pick a design that is jus too hot to wear in our humid weather. 


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