Here, she shares why she wanted a cheongsam as her wedding gown and the creative process leading up to the final product: 


Why did you decide to wear a cheongsam for your wedding?

Wearing a bespoke cheongsam for my wedding was a decision that came naturally to me as I wanted to wear a dress reflected my ethnic roots and tradition.

I also preferred something personal, which was why I engaged Pin Wah to design a custom cheongsam design.


Why should brides consider wearing the cheongsam on their big day? 

Wearing a cheongsam during my big day felt especially meaningful to me. However, it’s a personal choice and I believe every bride is different in what they want. 

Ultimately, my advice to brides would be to choose whatever they would feel comfortable in. Comfort is key!


What was the idea behind your design and how did you work with your designer Pin on this?

I needed a dress that I could move around in ease during my wedding so that I could greet all of my family and friends who came for the occasion.

Pin and I focused on creating a cheongsam that would feel light-weight and comfortable and look classy and elegant at the same time.


What was the most important factor for you and Pin when designing the cheongsam fabric, style, tailoring etc?

For me, the most important factor was elegance.  

Pin interpreted my vision by finding the right fabrics to achieve a look that was timeless, dazzling and delicate.

Thus the end result was something that is elegant yet subtly sexy as well.


What should brides look out for when designing and choosing their cheongsam?

Brides should first select the colour palette before narrowing down on the types of fabrics to be used for their cheongsam.  These two factors would determine on the look and feel of the cheongsam.

Lastly, they should decide on the style that would suit their body type and personality most.

There are slight variations and intepretations of the traditional cheongsam: be it with or without cap sleeves, neckline details, A-line or body-hugging or even opting for a halter neck cut instead of the high collar cut.


How long did it take to create this dress?

It usually takes about eight to 12 weeks.

I was very fortunate to have a designer and seamstress at my assistance. Therefore my cheongsam took six weeks to create.


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For more information on creating your bespoke cheongsam, head over to Grace Atelier Weddings to find out more!