A wedding dress disaster 2 weeks before the big day is enough to get any bride in a tizzy but the day before the wedding? Horror! 

That's exactly what happened to Mhayo B. Arguelles of Paranaque City, Manila when the gown she'd commissioned a designer friend to create her wedding dress for P30,000 (about S$763). We hate to say it, but the final product is seriously a far cry from the sketch. 

Arguelles' wedding was held on 14th February this year, and she'd had gone for the first fitting in November 2017, and a subsequent second fitting in January this year. Though she'd seen how the dress looked like then, she said that she accepted it because she trusted the designer and thought more details would be added. (See: 6 things to note during your wedding dress fitting)

But when the dress was delivered to her on 13th February, let's just say that it was not quite what she'd envisioned her dream wedding dress to be like.  "I felt depressed after seeing my gown, I said, "What? This is my wedding gown?" I thought twice and wondered how it could have turned this way. It's ugly!"

We'll let the pictures do the talking: 


The original sketch, compared the gown delivered. 

Not only was her underwear visible when the gown was worn, the lace strap didn't fit her as it should. All images: Mhayo B. Arguelles's Facebook

Luckily for Arguelles, her maid of honour managed to loan a gown from her friend. But that's not all. According to INQUIRER.net, the groomsmen' outfits were only delivered on 12th February, and had to be reworked on because they didn't fit well; they were either too loose or had unflattering cuts.

The bottomline? Choosing a reputable designer with a good portfolio (and preferably good reviews) is key. To help minimalise the possibility of a bridal gown nightmare, here are 4 essential tips to note when working with your wedding dress designer.