Image: Haute Atelier Group

#1 How close to my wedding day should I do my final fitting?

From the first measurement to the final fitting, your body could undergo changes like weight loss or gain. Check with your consultant on the best time to be fitted for your wedding dress. Image: Vera Wang  

#2 What if I lose too much weight for my wedding?

Also, related to the first question, some brides lose too much weight too close to the wedding for the dress to be altered and they’ll end up with an ill-fitting gown.

#3 What underwear should I wear?

The wrong underwear could mean unsightly indentations in the skin and it could also mean an ill-fitting bustier.

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Image: Haute Atelier Group

#4 Will there be any trunk shows coming up?

Not many people know that we do hold trunk shows at least twice a year. We feature gowns that are not normally available in store. If you are able to catch a trunk show, you could get your hands on a truly unique piece if the time is right.

Here are the things to know about wedding trunk shows

#5 What colour suits my skin?

Most brides envision themselves in a white gown, but depending on the tone of your skin, you might look better in an ivory coloured gown, or even a coloured gown. Ask your consultant and she will be sure to find you a gown that fits your skin tone and flatter you best.


#6 What accessories would be best with this dress?

Sometimes, brides over accessories, taking away much deserved attention from the dress, and even the bride. A pair of lovely drop earrings can be all it takes to bring out the sparkle in your eyes and your gown. Remember, less is more. 

#7 What is the best way to put on my gown?

Depending on the cut and silhouette of the gown, there might be different ways to put on the gown. Some might require you to put on the gown from the top, others would require you to put on the gown from the bottom, yet others would require you to put on two separate layers on. Have your consultant coach you on the best way to put on your gown to prevent any damage to your gown.



Image: Female Brides Lookbook Issue 13. Gown: Vera Wang

#8 What is the best way to transport/store my gown?

Sometimes, brides might unwittingly fold the gown causing it to crease, or some embroidery or beads to get caught in the dress. This can snag the delicate satin or chiffon. Your consultant would be the best person to give you a quick tutorial on the best way to transport and even store your gown after your wedding.

#9 Where should I go for good and reliable preservation services after the wedding?

If you’re one to keep your dress as a memento of your special day, you’ll want to keep preserve it well. Some fabrics and dresses, especially delicate ones, require special TLC. Speak to your consultant on his or her recommendations.