Vera Wang tulle ballgown. Image: Female Brides

1 Tulle
Dreamy and airy, it’s a more comfortable alternative to heavier fabrics like duchesse satin if you’re going for a ballgown. It’s like netting, but with a softer and more refined feel, and lends volume without adding bulk. Plus, you’ll love swishing of the skirts as you move or dance. 

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2 Georgette
Almost chiffon or crepe-like, georgette is often made of polyester or silk. Its matte and sheer look that’s not entirely see-through makes it just right for a sunny outdoor wedding!


Lace and chiffon A-line gown, Rico-A-Mona. Image: Her World Brides Dec 2015 

3 Chiffon
There’s a reason why so many summer dresses you see are made from chiffon – it’s breezy and lightweight. It’s also often used as a base if you’re opting for a see-through overlay on top, like tulle or lace. The downside? The material tends to snag easily, which can lead to unsightly thread runs.

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4 Charmeuse
It can be a tad intimidating to wear since it’s a pretty unforgiving fabric that clings to your curves. But if you’re all for flaunting your bod, it’s a gorgeous option that delivers a lustrous shine with a light, smooth texture – stunning for flowing gowns with elegant draped details.

5 Lace
This versatile fabric can be worn for all occasions, from grand ballrooms to chic cafe weddings. Fine, delicate Chantilly imparts an ethereal feel, but you’ll have to exercise caution since it’s so fragile. Ones like Alencon and Guipure are heavier and sturdier with bolder, more eye-catching motifs.

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6 Voile
It’s a breathable fabric usually spun from cotton fibres. The slightly sheer and matte fabric has a casual appearance that’s well suited for informal celebrations – think cafe or garden weddings. 

7 Organza
If you prefer a more structured shape for your big day gown, consider organza. But you might want to use the material just for the skirt of your gown. Organza is generally made from polyester, which traps moisture aka sweat. A floaty organza skirt will feel way breezier than a fitted bodice. 

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