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1. Don’t wait till the last minute

The search for the perfect suit or tux may not take as long as brides (the selections probably aren’t as exciting either), but that doesn’t mean you should wait till the last month or week to start scrambling to look for one. Depending on your preferred cut, look and feel, it may take up to three months or so, especially if you’re making one from scratch at the tailor’s.

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2. Know what you want

Lest you think your wedding wardrobe options are limited, there are still a few styles for you to choose from. This also depends on the type of wedding you’ll be having. The tuxedo and morning suit is more suited for formal weddings, dark suits for the banquet, and light suits for more casual affairs.

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3. Seek your bride’s opinion

While most brides have enough on their plate when it comes to planning the wedding, they might also want to know what you’ll be wearing. After all, they’ll be standing next to you most of the time on the day of. Even if you know what you look best in, just ask what she’ll be wearing (just a hint – you don’t want to know everything. It’s bad luck!) so you can coordinate your outfits a little. Looking to match your bride in some way? Here are our suggestions.

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4. Fit is everything

It’s not enough for you to head to a store, pick out a suit that fits you best, and think you’re ready. Having a good fit is key, and could make or break your look, especially if your suit or jacket is obviously too big or too tight on. Even if your suit is store-bought or off-the-rack, see if you can have it tailored slightly to fit your measurements better.

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5. Keep an open mind

If it’s your first time shopping and looking for a suit that, well, suits, keep an open mind. You won’t know how it looks until you actually try it on after all.

6. Don’t overdo it though

It’s good to be adventurous, but don’t push it. Dark suits like black and navy are classic, timeless, and suitably formal. If you’re thinking of pushing the boundaries a little, a light, pastel suit may work, too.

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Just don’t go for outfits in outrageous colours and patterns that’ll remind your guests of (fictional Japanese singer) Pikotaro. Unless you’d like to do your best imitation of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, that is.