Image: Her World Brides June 2015 

#1 Getting the dress before deciding on the location 
Even if you’ve had your heart set on the perfect grand ballgown with a mile long train, you still have to consider your wedding venue. For a casual and small location, will your dramatic ballgown look out-of-place or be too cumbersome? Or will a light breezy dress look too informal for a ballroom setting? 

#2 Limiting yourself when it comes to your wedding dress
We’ve often heard of brides finding a dream gown that’s totally not what they originally had in mind. So try different styles and get recommendations from your designer. While there are guidelines to dressing for your body shape, there are certain details on a gown that can help mask flaws or balance your proportion, which you can discuss with your designer. 

#3 Killer heels 
Sky high stilettos look great but unless you’re already accustomed to wearing them, you’ll be dying to kick them off way before the night ends. Your best bet? Heels that are about three inches or chunky block heels and wedges. Get them way before the wedding too, so you can wear them in and minimise any possible pinching. 

Pretty and comfortable for your big day. Image: Pinterest

#4 The bouquet doesn’t match the dress
The shape and style of your gown is key so try to decide on your dress before the bouquet. A huge overflowing bouquet filled with wildflowers might hide the details of your slim-fitting gown or while a minimalist chic bouquet of calla lilies doesn’t really go well with a boho dress. 

#5 Your evening gown doesn’t match your bridal gown
“I’ve seen brides who picked out the most beautiful and elegant wedding gown, but their evening gowns look like prom dresses,” says French eveningwear designer Nicolas Laville. “Also, they often wear evening gowns that are either too conservative or too sexy, but I feel that there has to be a good balance of both.”

#6 Too many accessories 
Accessories should enhance your look and outfit, instead of overwhelming it. With a dramatic gown, a safe bet is to stick  to simple jewellery, or just one statement piece. See how we did it for our March – May 2016 cover look, here