If you’re a curvy bride-to-be, here are some tip to keep in mind in your search for your wedding dress. There’s no one cut that flatters everyone, so finding the most situable silhouette for yourself is a big step in the right direction in your search.


1) Belt up

To give shape to your figure, freelance make-up artist and plus-size model Priscilla Boh, who is in her 30s, advises belting up to add definition. The belt should be worn at the smallest section of the waist. A belt with an elastic waistband is ideal as this will help it to stay in place.

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2) Bigger skirt, smaller waist

Add a tulle skirt under an A-line skirt to give a volume boost. The further the skirt flares away from the body, the smaller the waist will look. But the tulle skirt need not be hidden – let a slightly longer tulle skirt peek out and have fun matching or contrasting its colour with the outer skirt.

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3) Peplum waists

The peplum look brings out one’s curves. The silhouette, which flares out at the hips, also makes the hips and thighs look slimmer, says Mrs Kayde Ling, 34, founder of home-grown plus-size fashion label Kaylene.

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4) Panelling details

Clothes that have solid colour panels at the sides give a visually slimming effect, says Mrs Ling. The designer incorporates prints into her clothes, such as dresses, by using a patterned centre panel flanked by two solid colour panels.

5) Horizontal stripes 

It has been said that plus-size women should avoid wearing horizontal stripes as these would make them look wider, but Mrs Ling says plus-size women can pull the look off. One way is to break up the stripes by wearing a solid colour separate, such as a blazer or vest, over a striped top.

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