Starry Starry Night - Setup hwplus.jpgStarry Starry Night, one of the wedding themes at Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill.

At Her World Brides, we’re big fans of the idea of giving back to charity in lieu of wedding favours, especially when there’s so much cost and (sometimes) waste involved.

And in this case, couples who hold their wedding banquets at Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill may be able to do just that without incurring additional expenses.

For every confirmed guest at the banquet, the hotel will commit a dollar per head to the Singapore Cancer Society, which will replace the complimentary favours guests normally receive.

“Cancer is the number one killer in Singapore. We may personally know multiple cancer patients ourselves. Aligned with the hotel’s value to care for the society, we hope to play an active role to help raise funds for this selected group of people”, said Ms Jolene Chong, General Manager at Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill.

The donations will be collated annually and presented to the charity in the form of a cheque. The hotel has pledged a minimum sum of $5,000 to the Society.

Couples who wish to opt out of this programme, will receive the regular favours the hotel offers.

For more information, go to Follow Hotel Re! Pearl’s Hill on Facebook at, and on Instagram @hotelre.