Four tips to wedding calligraphy

There is nothing quite as beautiful and classy as wedding stationery with calligraphy. If you're considering having elegant script on your invites and other paper goods, here's what to look out for.

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For wedding stationery with a difference, there is nothing quite as beautiful, classy and precious as calligraphy.  Clarence Valerius Wee from Craft Varies ( tells us what to look for:

What is a popular wedding font and what matters when choosing fonts?
Many couples choose copperplate script (pictured). The font you decide on should complement the design of your invitation and wedding theme. If you can't find anything you like, your own handwriting can be digitised for your stationery.

What are the key pieces to focus on?
The invitations and envelopes, as that’s what guests will see first. If their budget allows, placecards would be a nice touch as well.

Besides paper and card stock, do you work with other materials? 
Yes, I do. Mostly with glass, wood and plastic. Working with other materials besides paper definitely allows for more creativity in terms of style and application.

What should one look for in a good calligrapher?
I would say someone who is equipped with a few different written styles, so as to be able to advise the clients on something they might or might not know.

This article was originally published in Her World Brides Sept - Nov 2014.