Five fun things for little helpers to do

Keep the little ones busy and entertained with these activities.


1. Bubbles 

Instead of petals for the aisle, give your flower girl a bubble blower and you'll make her day- as well as surprise your guests. 




2. Annoucing the arrival...

This introduction had well-wishers beaming and smiling before Eileen Keng joined her husband Dean Yik at the altar. 


3. Flower baskets 

Farar Kader and Israr Wong sent their young helpers down the aisle with furry baskets and bunny ears to complement their Alice in Wonderland theme.  


4. Waves of fun 

These are lighter than a flower basket and will keep even the youngest attendant focused on his/her task. 


5. Hold On

If your venue doesn't encourage the strewing of petals, take a tip from Jennifer Yeo and Thomas Kwok. Their flower girls held hands instead. 


This spread was originally published in Her World Brides Sept - Nov 2014.