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It is said that the market rate for the size of the diamond on your engagement ring should cost your fiance about three months of his salary. That shouldn’t be the case. The ring, which is a symbol of your commitment to one another (apart from your wedding bands), should come from the heart. Price, and size of the diamond, should not be the main issue.

Here, six ways to enhance your gem.

1. Pick the right cut
When selecting your stone, make sure your diamond is cut right. (Refer to our guide from Jannpaul’s experts on the right angle and so on here). According to Jannpaul’s experts, when a diamond appears less brilliant, it can appear ‘smaller than it actually is’. For instance, Soo Kee’s Brilliant Rose diamond highlights its unique 66-facet cut, which is said to highlight and enhance the brilliance of the stone.

2. Opt for fancy shapes instead of the classic round cut
If you’re a non-conventional bride, opt for designs that are less mainstream, such as the oval, emerald, marquise or pear, which takes the attention away from its size and brilliance. Plus, these designs offer a unique look that’ll make your ring stand out without having to rely on its actual size.

3. Shape matters
The surface area of a square-shaped, princess- or cushion-cut diamond looks bigger than a round brilliant-cut diamond, as round diamonds are cut deeper, according to sources such as and the experts from eBay. That said, it really depends on your finger – whether it’s longer, shorter, rounder, and so on. Different shapes complement different fingers, and it’s best to try them on before purchasing the band. Likewise, wedding bands that complement your engagement ring (like Love & Co.’s LVC Perfection, or Tiffany Harmony), will help enhance the stone, too.

4. Choose slender prongs
It’s all about perspective and relativity. Slender prongs, or a thinner shank or halo, will allow the gem to look bigger than if it was surrounded by thicker ones.

5. Setting things right
Your diamond or solitaire will look bigger and brighter in the right setting. For instance, a higher setting, like Goldheart’s Celestial Zenith design heightens the stone, Tiffany & Co.’s classic six-prong setting shows off the brilliance of the diamond, and the Cartier Destinee, or Tiffany Soleste, which feature pave diamonds around the solitaire, will make your rock look bigger. Alternatively, you can opt for a cluster of smaller diamonds that come together for more visual impact (like Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Destinee Royale Felcia Ring or its Etoile Lattice Ring).

6. Size matters, too
Enhance your solitaire with smaller gems around it – whether as pave diamonds surrounding the gem, or on the band (like Love & Co.’s LVC Precieux), which may be cheaper than purchasing a single large diamond.

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