A friend told me of a bride-to-be who started planning for her wedding three years in advance! Thinking that she had more time for her wedding prep, the bride kept changing her mind over the smallest details, stressing her vendors and helpers and creating a messy situation that was not resolved in time for the big day. So what was supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion became a unhappy and frustrating experience.

Brides who want the perfect celebration will obsess over the tiniest details – even if they hired a wedding planner to oversee their wedding prep.  As long as you cannot accept compromises, or the fact that certain things can’t be as perfect as you want them to be, then you will never be truly happy with your wedding.

Here are some 5 tips to help you avoid being a bridezilla: 

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Assign Tasks
Get the right helpers to help you with certain tasks. This will help ease your burden, but also to get your friends and loved ones involved and be a part of the biggest day of your life. The result will be a shared effort, and the process will be an experience to treasure for everyone involved. 

Bear in mind that once you assign certain tasks out to others, these tasks may not be completed exactly to your specifications and expectations.  You can oversee the process and result, but give your helpers leeway to finish the tasks their way, letting them contribute a little of their creative input as well. If you are very particular about certain tasks, keep these priority projects for yourself; farm out those projects that are not of major importance to your helpers.  

With a lighter burden, you can focus on your priority projects better and note get stressed by timelines.

Not every detail matters
As a wedding guest, you don’t really pay attention to every single detail of the celebration. The star of the event would be the couple themselves, and some of the major decor pieces, as well as the food. Other details like the favours or the reception table decor, and even the music playlist, are of secondary importance. But if you choose to prioritise every single detail of the celebration, just note that not all of it will be noticed and appreciated.

Once you know what are the important details, you will be able to plan your priorities accordingly. If you wish to have stunning decor then focus more of your time and effort on it. If food is of utmost concern, make sure the menu, and cuisine, is up to your expectations. Don’t waste time and effort on unnecessary tasks and details.

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Impossible dreams
We all want the wedding of our dreams but some things are just impossible to achieve. Depending on your budget and available resources, you may have to compromise on some aspects of your celebration. Accept the limitations and move on; dwelling on impossible dreams will lead nowhere.

Invest your time 
Instead of spending too much time on over your wedding prep and stressing yourself and everyone out, spend more time with your other half and loved ones to enjoy the entire experience. Draw up a schedule and timeline and set aside time for other couple or family activities.  Be disciplined about your priorities and schedules and try not to overdo any task.

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Be Decisive
Take more time to do your research so that when a decision is made, it is one that you are happy and satisfied with. People who make quick, hasty decisions tend to change their minds over time; this can lead to messy situations. Make it a point that once a decisions is made, you will let go of the task from your to-do list; this will help clear your schedule for other tasks that need your full attention. Your helpers will also be more productive if they have clear instructions and directions.