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Safety pins, sewing kit, blister plasters, hairspray, bobby pins, Panadol, eye drops, nail polish
If you’re getting married away from home, and are not hiring the services of professional makeup artists or hairstylists, you may need essentials such as a makeup kit, hairspray, blow-dryer and others. Of course, essentials such as safety pins, eye drops and Panadol are a must as well. Vanessa Kilner, 31, a lawyer, shares: “We had a destination wedding, and needed plenty of items such as hairspray, a blow-dryer, and many others. There were no emergencies that warranted the use of most items, but I realised my train was getting in the way of dancing at one point, so we did an impromptu bustle with several safety pins!”
try: Travel-sized L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray Satin (Extra Strong Hold), $4.90, Guardian stores; Safety pins and sewing kit, from Daiso

Heel tip covers
When you’re having a reception outdoors, remember to pack heel tip covers, or don shoes with flat soles. You can also consider providing these for your female guests as well, should they require it. “We had a lawn wedding in a private villa, so I wish I had packed more heel tip covers as some ladies’ high heels kept getting stuck in the grass, including mine!” shares Eliza Lin, 32, who is in fixed income sales.

Try to eat something substantial, especially when you’ll be busy attending to other things like the tea ceremony, or panicking about little details that’re left undone. This also extends to dinner, where you’re probably too busy with gown changes and greeting the guests, that you might not get to enjoy the meal you painstakingly selected from the hotel’s menus. Jaclyn Lim, 32, a florist said, “When planning my wedding, I packed a long list of items in my emergency kit. Besides the usual safety pins, band-aids, wet wipes and lip balm, I had a bunch of insoles, arch supports and heel cushions because I knew I was going to be in high heels all day. But as the day wore on, I realised that I should have packed some energy drinks and easy-to-eat food like muesli bars to nibble on! Let’s just say I was a very hungry bride.”

Hollywood tape
If you’ve opted to wear a strapless gown on the big day, make sure your undergarments hold up well (see my tips on how to keep your strapless dress up here). Karen Qiu, 30, an equity dealer reveals that she relied on Hollywood tape rather extensively, as it helped when the Nubra didn’t stick so well. But she would have packed an extra one if she couldn’t get the tape.

Chicken essence
Didn’t get enough sleep? Chicken essence to the rescue! As coffee might cause bloatedness, indigestion and other issues for some, chicken essence is a good alternative. “This is especially useful for brides who don’t get much sleep the night before! I know it helped make up for the lack of hours, on my big day,” says Karen Tan, 34, homemaker.
try: Brand’s Essence of Chicken, $35.20 for a pack of 12 bottles, Fairprice or major supermarkets

Flat shoes or flip-flops
They’re a boon for your aching feet, especially when you’re tired of making your rounds in killer heels. Jin Liu, 32, a HR executive would know: “It’s very tiring to wear heels throughout the long day, and it would have been great to change into flip-flops after the ceremony!”
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Stefanie Thaslim, 27, a housewife, agrees: “I wish I had an extra pair of flats with me. I wore brand new shoes to the ceremony, and had not practiced walking in them before. By the end of the ceremony, my feet hurt so much, I had to take them off, and ended being barefoot the rest of the day.”
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Other items you might need:
– Portable phone charger – This is important, especially if you’re going to be taking plenty of pictures, and have no time to sit still and wait for your phone to recharge.

– Tissue paper – Have one of your helpers carry these around, in case of emotional moments (and there will be plenty).

– Eye drops – You’re going to be taking a lot of photographs, so refresh your eyes in between with these.

– Travel-sized perfume – grab a quick refresher in between ceremonies, if you don’t have time to shuttle in between your venue and your suite to change. Pat some onto your pulse points to make it last longer.

– Sanitary pads – don’t get caught without, especially if you’re expecting that time of the month.

– Stain remover stick or wet wipes – Don’t panic if you’ve spilled something on your dress (although we’re keeping our fingers crossed that won’t happen). But if it does, wipe the offending stain off, move on, and have a good time!

– Face powder – We got this tip from a makeup artist who works on Hollywood’s A-listers: Before making your grand appearance, ask your makeup artist to pack some loose powder and a puff and wrap it up in tissue paper. This is especially useful for brides with oily skin, as the powder will help mattify your face, if you have no time to rush back to your makeup artist for touchups.

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