The Forevermark Masterclass started with Liz introducing the 4Cs that are used to determine the value of a diamond: carat, clarity, colour and cut.
We were then introduced to the entire process of discovering a diamond – from the exploration and mining processes, to the polishing and retail stages.


Diamonds are first sifted through a large “sieve” – only those that are large enough to not pass through the gaps can be considered a Forevermark piece.  The remainder is split into two groups: ones that are considered gem quality (rough diamonds that do not contain too many inclusions and blemishes), and those which are not. Tetrahedron-shaped diamonds are particularly of interest, as those can be cut into two separate diamonds.
The selected stones are lined up according to clarity, starting with the clearest (without impurities). Once the final cut is made, these diamonds are then taken to the workshop to be cut, faceted and polished into the pieces we are familiar with.

forevermark last pic.jpg

By the end of the class, we gained a newfound knowledge about diamonds and a great amount of respect for the miners, diamond cutters and others who were involved in the process. And, if you’re going to purchase a diamond from Forevermark in future, it might just have been handled and selected by yours truly.
The Forevermark Masterclass was hosted by Lee Hwa Jewellery, its exclusive distributor. For more information about the brand and its diamonds, go to To find a full list of Lee Hwa Jewellery stores, head to their website here:

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