PHOTO: Siau Jiahui

1. Know what you want
This will make your wedding prep so much easier. Don’t be afraid to give suggestions or tell your vendors clearly what you want and how you feel about your makeup or decor. If you’re not comfortable with something they’ve proposed, let them know. For example, were the wedding dress is concerned, if you are comfortsble wearing a particular gown, it’ll show in your movements and expression. Same with your makeup: When you feel and look gorgeous, you’ll naturally look like a radiant, beautiful bride on your big day. 

2. Keep calm and carry on
My fiance always tells me to relax, as I tend to think too much at times. It’s important to let things go, as it’ll be better for your mental and physical health.

3. Play to your strengths
Discuss the priorities with your husband and list them down. This will help determine who is the best person for particular tasks and responsibilities. I’ve been tackling most of the wedding details, as I’m more particular about that. My husband’s great at finding good deals, so he’s in charge of our honeymoon. He’s also been handling the paperwork for our house, which takes a load off my shoulders. 

4. Make a list!
I wrote down a list for everything, including the cost of the wedding package, photography, red packets and video services, as well as a timeline for all our tasks to be completed – which really helped!

5. It’s not just about you
Remember that the wedding isn’t just about yours and your fiance’s needs and wants. It also involves other people including your parents; you should take their wants or needs into consideration as well.

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