cate blanchett_1.jpgCate Blanchett was in town for Singapore Fashion Week. Photo: Lim Yaohui for The Straits Times

Whether you’re a bride preparing for her wedding, or someone seeking great skin all around, you would do well to heed the beauty advice of the Lady Galadriel herself.

The SK-II ambassador shares her top tips, which we feel brides can stick to, too.

1. Get refreshed all day

Sk-II collage.jpgBring a bottle of SK-II’s Mid-Day Essence in your purse or clutch all day. The actress says she’d bring one on the red carpet, and spray the essence on throughout the night to help refresh her skin. 

You can do the same – for your day and evening events, as well as in-between wardrobe changes and breaks. Cate also said the essence helps if you feel you’ve got too much powder on.

2. Masks are important.
“During flights, especially long-haul flights, I’d pop a facial treatment mask over my face to give it an extra boost and hydration.”

Apply one a day or one every two days for about three months before your big day to get a great complexion.

Cate credits her fabulous porcelain complexion also to using an eye mask when she’s got an event, and finds SK-II’s whitening masks great before, as they “kick in radiance very quickly”.