Dressing Right
“If your gown is low-cut, check during the fitting, that you don’t flash too much. Otherwise guests will get more than an eyeful.” — Anne 27

“A big gown is grand but make sure it’s light too. The straps of my dress cut into my skin as the day wore on and I ended up with angry welts across my shoulders!” — Su, 35

“Break in your shoes before the wedding if you don’t want painful blisters.” —Elsie, 26

A snazzy Reception
“Do your seating arrangements early because it’s very time-consuming.” — Leng, 30

“Make sure everyone knows how to get to your reception. Include maps and have an usher look after any out-of-town guests.” — Peggy, 29

Prep Perfect
“Even if you’re too excited to eat, have something. You don’t want to faint!” — Cherie, 35

“Assign a bridesmaid to be your clock-watcher on the big day, so you’ll be on time for everything.” — Alice, 34

“Have your Hen’s Night at least a week before! Those horror stories about having it too near to the wedding, and feeling sick, are true!” — Elizabeth, 28

A Stylish Ceremony
“Make you groom double-check that the best man has the wedding rings. It’s a small thing but easy to forget.” — Mei Ping, 28

“Check that your bridesmaid/s are not allergic to any flowers. Mine was, and looked like she had a crying fit!” — Wai Ying, 33

“Pick kids who love attention for your flower girl. My niece was fine until she realised that she had to walk down the aisle with everyone looking at her. She burst into tears.” — Pui Chin, 32

“During your ceremony, assign a bridesmaid to arrange your gown after you are seated. Your gown will look nicer in the pictures.” — Debra, 28

“When walking down the aisle, look around and smile at your guests, or you’ll look kind of vacant in your video.” — Mavis, 31

This article was first featured in Her World Brides December 2001 – February 2002.