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Brides these days are opting for everlasting bouquet arrangements as they’re easy to care for, and they serve as wonderful reminder of the special memories from your big day. If you’re on the search for a vendor who offers such services, you may consider these three below.

Viva La Fleur
The boutique uses a special patented technology that prolongs the natural beauty of fresh flowers, which is the first of its kind. Fresh flowers are used, and each stalk undergoes a unique process that preserves the beauty and quality of each petal. Brides will be happy to know that these flowers, when displayed in a cool environment, will look as if they’ve been freshly plucked, and can last for years if you keep the bouquet away from sunlight and water. Call 6440-0642 or visit their Facebook page at Viva La Fleur SG for prices and enquiries.

Gioielli Designer Accessories and Gracie & Matt by Gioielli
There’s a style for every bride, at Gioielli and its sister label, Gracie & Matt. Brides seeking sophisticated and elegant bouquets can consider Gioielli’s crystal and silk flower arrangements, while quirky characters may opt for Gracie & Matt’s bold and unique clutches. Visit and for prices and enquiries. Follow Gioielli on Facebook at, and Gracie & Matt, here.

Celebrate Heaven
From romantic pink bouquets to playful, colourful arrangements, the range of offerings at Celebrate Heaven will whet your bridal fancy. Each bouquet comes with a mix of silk flowers, pearly accessories, buttons, glass beads and crystals, depending on which one you opt for. From $590. Visit for prices and enquiries. Follow Celebrate Heaven on Facebook, here