Like the wedding dress, the venue and the catering company, the bride’s hairstyle is one choice that should never be made at the last minute. Winner of the 2005 Hairdressing Awards and a member of the Haute Coiffure Française organization, Mario Lopes specialises in bridal hairstyles. In an interview with AFP Relaxnews, he provides insights into the latest trends and offers his advice to future brides.

mario lopez main.jpgHairstylist Mario Lopes is a member of Haute Coiffure Française, the prestigious French organization of hairdressers. ©LARS PILLMANN

Relaxnews: What do you expect to be the top three hairstyles for brides in 2014?
Mario Lopes: For long blonde hair, a fresh take on braids comes to mind — specifically loose braids for a result that is both nonchalant and elegant. For darker hair, it’s better to go with large, full-bodied curls. For mid-length hair, I recommend adding wavy curls to the ends.

R: Are buns still the ideal hairstyle for brides?
ML: No, actually, buns aren’t really in style anymore. That said, a simple bun can be a nice complement to a very beautiful wedding dress, as long as it is firmly held in place but also looks somewhat loose.

R: Are hair accessories still popular?
ML: These days, not really. It’s important to be careful when choosing them. Ideally, highlighting the hair alone should be enough, but if it is possible to add accessories to the finished hairstyle, the best option is to go with freshly cut flowers. For example, one can add two or three freesia buds.

R: How do you determine whether the hairstyle chosen is a perfect fit for the bride’s face?
ML: To create an effect of perfect harmony, it is very important to keep the shape of the bride’s nose in mind. The goal is to find the volume and shape that will place the focus on the bride’s eyes, taking care to avoid creating a volume that is parallel to the nose.

R: At what stage of wedding preparations should the bride choose her hairstyle?
ML: It is impossible to choose the hairstyle before the dress. In fact, choosing a dress has to be the first step, and the choice of shoes follows. Then one must think of jewelry. Once all of those choices have been made, it’s time to determine the hairstyle.

R: How should brides care for their hair to look their best on the big day?
ML: Ideally, the bride should have any highlights, dyes or gloss treatments done ten days prior to the wedding. I also recommend washing her hair the day before, and having it styled on the day of the event without re-washing.

R: If you could give three tips to brides, what would they be?
ML: The most important thing is to be yourself. It is imperative for the bride to feel comfortable in her hairstyle. And finally, she should pay attention to advice given by her mother, who is often giving advice that was handed down from her own mother. – AFP RELAXNEWS