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Karen & Gabriel
Karen Seah and Gabriel Tay married in oriental-chic style at the Grand Shanghai. Guests were treated to Chinese fare, as well as Mandarin tunes from the ’70s. Also on the day’s agenda: a boisterous gate-crashing ceremony, a lion-dance performance, and a red-and-gold colour palette to match.


Sharifah & Salleh
Sharifah Nur Alhadad and Salleh Basharahil had a traditional Arab wedding with over a thousand guests. The wedding was split into three events: the Nikah, and the bride and groom’s reception over three days, with elaborate decor details. The couple wore traditional outfits during the solemnisation and bride’s reception, but changed to Western outfits for the groom’s reception.

lyanavin2.jpgLya & Navin
Lya Abdullah and Navin Nambiar celebrated with a big fat Bollywood wedding! The bride was Kajol Devgan, a popular Indian actress, while the groom was Shah Rukh Khan for the evening. The celebration resembled a Bollywood awards night, as the Lya and Navin’s family and closest friends planned a typical Bollywood dance number with them making a special appearance at the end – just like superstars!

Karen & Gabriel’s, Sharifah & Salleh’s, and Lya & Navin’s weddings were published in Her World Brides Dec 2012 – Feb 2013, June – August 2015 and Dec 2013 – Feb 2014 respectively.

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