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I have seen too many brides in gorgeous wedding gowns looking a little too over-the-top with flamboyant accessories. Then there are others that are too bland without any added bling.

Most of the time, brides have to wear the fine jewellery pieces that were given to them by parents and relatives, and some are lucky to have beautiful pieces that complement their wedding look perfectly. But if the pieces are not a good match, wear them for a short while as a sign or gratitude and respect, then switch to pieces that are a better match.

Accessorizing your wedding look really depends on the theme of your celebrations and your own personal style. If you want to make an impactful entrance, then statement accessories is the way to go. But that also depends on the dress you’re wearing and the makeup and hairstyle you have.

The key point to accessorizing any fashion look is balance. There should be a fine balance between top and bottom parts of your look and body, with the focus on one or two areas that you wish to highlight.

If you want the attention on your face, avoid grand embellished gowns and opt for simpler, elegant dresses that allow you to accessories more around the neck and ears, or even your hair. Dresses that have more details along the neckline also work well.

The reverse is true if you like to flaunt your curves. Minimise accessories for the face and neck and stack on sparkly brackets and bangles; a shimmering crystal belt to cinch your waist work to emphasize curves further.

If you love gowns with high slits or plan to wear short micro-mini wedding dress, towering heels embellished to the max, or in brilliant hues for evenings, will have the attention on your taut gams. To balance the look, forget bracelets; slide on long shoulder dusters instead to create a slender, long lie from top to bottom.

Here are some key rules when it comes to accessorising your wedding dress based on neckline designs:


Crystal-embellished organza and satin mermaid gown, $3,000 to rent or $4,800 to buy, from THE FELINE BRIDAL. Photo: Her World Brides.

1. Strapless and off-shoulder dresses
If you plan to have your hair styled up, you can choose to accessorise your gowns in three ways:
a. long dangling delicate earrings with a fine delicate chain and pendant OR
b. shoulder dusters without any necklace. To balance, slip on a simple diamond bracelet to match the earrings.
c. glittering hair pieces – pins, clips, hats or fascinators- can define your look dramatically and bring attention to your face.

For loose, flowy locks, opt for simple diamond studs and an elegant, delicate necklace to match the design of your dress and hairstyle. Bracelets are optional but if you must wear one, a single strand of tiny pearls and diamonds is perfect.

Chokers are always good if you have long slender necks. Longer necklaces will help lengthen shorter, thicker necks.

2. Strappy or scoop necklines require only small, delicate earrings
The right necklace will depend on the width and design of the straps. 
You can choose a delicate necklace to match thicker, fussier and frilly straps, or a more statement piece with a scattering of diamonds and pearls to match gowns with fine, thin straps.

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Wedding gown, $2,800 to rent or $3,800 to buy, from RICO-A-MONA. Photo: Her World Brides.

3. Covered necklines
Dresses with high boat necks or collars don’t require necklaces. Even if your cleavage and neckline are covered with sheer panels, a necklace will only add unnecessary details and fuss. Focus on the right earrings to complement the dress best.

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Gown with cut-outs and crystal-embellished waist, $1,800 to rent or $6,300 to buy, from MY DREAM WEDDING, #01-01, 33 Tras Street, Singapore, Tel: 6438 1237.

4. V-neck or plunging necklines
The idea of wearing a dress with a plunging neckline is to flaunt a glimpse of bare skin sensually. Instead of necklaces, stick to statement earrings and bracelets instead.

If you must wear a necklace, choose a longer style that goes beyond the depth of your necklines. You can wear these longer pieces as they provide added interest along the line of the neckline. Instead of necklaces, stick to statement earrings and bracelets instead.

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