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High-neck lace sheath with sheer neckline, Blush Blush Bridal Couture

Today’s bridal cheongsams are modern yet traditional: the intricate details and slender silhouettes on these gowns channel chinois chic, which are great for brides looking to wear something other than the strapless gown options.

ted wu fb.jpgFit and flare gown with Mandarin collar and lace applique and trim, Ted Wu.

Renowned local bridal designer Ted Wu says, “The trend has been going on for a while, and it’s been getting more popular in recent months. Cheongsam gowns are a mix of East-meets-West, which are perfect for brides who’re looking to go back to their roots without looking too traditional.”

Brides will find that the gowns at Ted Wu come in modern sihouettes like the mermaid or streamlined cut, with fabrics like French lace and colourful embroidery.

“The combination of a white French lace gown and soft tulle veil is bridal and modern with an Asian touch. Brides these days are bored with strapless bustier gowns, so they’re experimenting with sleeves, shoulders and interesting necklines. Today’s bridal cheongsams can come with variations, like a V-necked open collar with a Mandarin collar,” adds Ted.

These gowns were originally featured in Female Brides Lookbook Issue 7, which is out on newsstands now.