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Even if you have been planning your wedding day for years, there will come a time in the last couple of months that the nerves and stress kick in.

Tips on coping with wedding stress

Know how to handle these nerves with these top tips to ensure an enjoyable wedding day countdown.

1. Body image
Those brides who plan on losing weight for their wedding day sometimes get that panicky feeling when they realise their wedding is a matter of weeks away. In moments like this, the worst thing a bride can do is begin an extreme diet and fitness regime in pursuit of shedding weight. Why put yourself through that extra stress when you’re already a beautiful bride? Your fiancé will love you the way you are already, so don’t feel the need to change your body image for your big day. If you fancy eating a little healthier and fitting in a spot of exercise, then great! But just don’t go overboard and add even more pressure for yourself.

2. Family meal or date night
In the last couple of weeks before the wedding day, make time to enjoy a few family gatherings. Sharing jokes, memories and delicious food is the ideal way to wave goodbye to pre-wedding stress as it brings home the fact that you’re getting married for one reason; that is, to declare your love in front of your nearest and dearest and to enter into the love of your life’s family. Everyone around the table just wants you both to be happy and are all there to support you. This should give you some perspective – as long as these people are present to share the day with you then that’s all that matters.

3. Make a tick list
It’s inevitable that you will experience those sudden ‘oh my god!’ moments in the run up to the big day. But instead of freaking out and ending up in a blotchy, teary mess in your partner’s arms, simply grab a pen and a notebook and blast your concerns down on paper. Is it the florist you’re concerned about? Have you remembered a last-minute essential? Scrawl it all down then stick a number by each point to denote its order of priority. It’s no fun having a million things rushing around your head so use this tactic to clear your mind and regain some focus. It’s a satisfying feeling being able to tick things off your list too.

4. Speak to another bride
It’s natural for brides to have moments of sheer panic before the big day, with thoughts such as ‘have I remembered everything?’ and ‘will my orders turn up on time?’ The only people who understand how this feels are other brides. Chat to cousins, friends or colleagues who have already tied the knot to gain an understanding of what they went through in the run up to their big day. The likelihood is that will be the same things as you, which is reassuring and can help you to relax.

5. Draw a line
In the remaining weeks until the wedding day you might feel charged with nerves and a little jittery from the excitement of your approaching dream day. With all this adrenaline running around your body it’s quite likely that you’ll be more prone to making last-minute decisions. Perhaps you walk into the florist and change your mind on your wedding bouquet, or you flick through a bridal magazine and suddenly decide you want cake pops and bunting. However, there comes a point during your wedding planning where you have to draw a line. You could go on forever creating your dream day, but often the longer it goes on for, the further away you get from your original concept. Not to mention, ordering last-minute cake pops is quite stressful!

6. Remember this ‘big five’
With only a matter of weeks left before you say ‘I do’, what are the most important wedding elements to have in place? As long as you’ve got the ‘big five’ sorted, then you can take a deep breath and have a cocktail, instead of stressing and continuing to plan. Do you have your wedding venue (and someone to conduct the ceremony there)? Have you invited all of the guests? Do you, the groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen have something to wear? Will there be food and drink available on the day? And finally, have you got the rings? It’s also handy if you have a groom, too… Then, if the big five are good to go, so are you!

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Top 10 tips to calm last-minute wedding nerves
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