Lewin Terrace

With a gorgeous lawn and lovely views from the terrace balcony, you can have an alfresco celebration outdoors or indoors. Our recommendation? Hold a beautiful solemnization outdoors then head inside for your lunch reception. Perfect for late afternoon or evening celebrations where you can dress up the place with an fairy lights, paper lanterns and fresh flowers.

PHOTO: Instagram @lewinterrace

PHOTO: Instagram @lewinterrace


Oxwell & Co 

Known for its yummy food, Oxwell & Co at Ann Siang Hill boasts beautiful interiors: a beautiful rustic ground floor as well as rooftop, a dining room on the second floor, and a whimsical space on the third floor complete with a secret room. Certain floors and rooms can be booked for special occasions so do check with the owner beforehand. We personally love this place because it is already well decorated saving you extra costs of props.

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Nosh restaurant & Bar

Situated in Rochester Park this restaurant has ample space for you to hold your celebration both indoors and out. The patio indoors  is popular for solemnisations with the party heading outside for a cosy lunch or dinner reception.

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Wheelers yard

A venue with lots of hipster vibe, Wheelers Yard is a popular spot for quirky wedding celebrations.  The huge space and a ranch-like atmosphere evokes a rustic, countryside ambience. Do note that you will have to dress up the place a bit to create a more festive flair.

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Punggol stables

A ranch-like location with gorgeous views and actual horses to keep your guests occupied! Dress the place up and celebrate your big moment surrounded by the magical glow of the sunset.

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Located in Hort Park, this venue offers the best views. The space is pretty bare but you can dress it up according to the wedding theme of your choice. Just incorporate the beautiful greenery and scenery into your decor plans.  Perfect for day or night celebrations.

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