If you’ve paid over $6,700 to have your wedding portraits taken overseas, it’s not wrong to expect quality photos you’ll be happy with, right? This wasn’t the case for one unfortunate couple who flew to Bali to have their pictures taken, and ended up being grossly disappointed by the results.

Here, our quick guide to getting the most out of your destination photoshoot

1. Do your research
There’s no right or wrong when it comes to hiring vendors for your wedding, but doing your research is a must. Know the styles you want and love, and find the photographers who are able to deliver the results. Once you’ve zeroed in on a list, check out their portfolios (and see how much attention they pay to the details) and ask around for reviews of their work. More importantly, meet or speak to them via Skype. He or she will be around you most of the time, and it’s key that you feel comfortable with one another.

2. Suss out the venue before the shoot
Before booking your tickets and accommodation, check and see when’s the best time to head there. And, if you’ve got time, head to your destination a few days before to recce the surroundings, so you’ll know where the best angles are.

3. Have a list of must-shoot photos and image samples
Plan ahead, and think of all the places and angles you may want to have your photos taken at. Have your list ready for your photographer to ensure nothing’s missed out. Have tear sheets of poses if possible for his or her reference, too.

4. Think comfort
You will be on your feet and travelling most of the day, so wear something you will feel comfortable in, or it will show in your photos. While we recommend light dresses that are easy to travel with, if you still prefer shooting in a large ballgown, go ahead. But bring an extra set of clothes you can easily change into in between venues. It’s the same for shoes. If they won’t show in pictures, it’s best to wear something you can move around easily in.

5. Check your photos
After every shot is taken, request to see it on the photographer’s camera or laptop if he or she has it with him or her. Make sure you are satisfied with the product before moving on, as it can be difficult to recreate the mood, or head back to the venue you shot at previously.