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Curl and twirl
Hair: Updos get more interesting this season – it’s big, it’s full, or in this case, it’s about creating a sculptural yet soft look. Hair is put up into a big chignon at the crown while fake hair extensions create a wavy, sculptural detail at the top. Secure your hair accessory here to draw more attention.

Makeup: Balancing a modern hairdo with classically pretty makeup is the easiest approach to take for brides. Give eyes a sparkling boost with deeper hues for more definition – dark brown or deep violet is a safe bet – while keeping colours on cheeks and lips a safe, lovely pink or rose.

Girls generation
Hair: Glamour gets an update with a soft, wavy ponytail and yes, a long wavy fringe! A perfect blend of modern and classic at the same time.

Makeup: With this hairstyle, you won’t go wrong with pale pinks for eyes, cheeks and lips on smooth, alabaster skin.

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Bangs are back
Hair: So, it’s not exactly Breakfast at Tiffany’s but who can resist this fuller-fringed version of the classic style worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie? Opt for a high updo with a fringe that’s softly brushed to one side. It’s great for highlighting your eyes.

Makeup: Keep it defined; eyes go bold with liquid liner on the upper eyelid, and a tinge of grey eyeshadow, lightly blended at the outer corners of the lower lid. Finish with sheer rosy-brown blusher on cheeks and pale rose on lips.

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On the rise
Hair: Millennium flair meets ’50s hair in this funky hairdo. Hair is backcombed for volume at the crown, contrasted with sleek sides, fine-combed flat to drop straight at the back. A dramatic hair accessory, placed around the middle of the back of the head makes a fine finishing touch.

Makeup: A bold hairdo calls for a slightly more fashionable makeup look. Play up eyes or lips, not both. A dark eyeshadow or a bold-hued, matte lippie for instance, works.

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Big, bold and braided
Hair: Big hair is back – and braided this time for a good measure of texture. Think of the back of your head as one big chignon, piled high. Girls with a thick head of hair have an easier time with this style. If not, there’s always hair “add-ons” that your hairstylist can help get.

Makeup: With such a big do, keep makeup soft and pretty for a lovely contrast. A hard makeup look with strong colours may work, but it will also make most girls look older.

This article was first published in Her World Brides Sept – Nov 2010.