You’ve got everything tied down to the last detail and all that’s left is to look and feel beautiful and radiant on your big day. Some brides may feel they need an extra beauty boost the day before their wedding to look their best. My advice: avoid last minute beauty treatments unless its an emergency.

Treat It Right
Looking your best means looking naturally beautiful. So try to avoid any aesthetic treatments like botox or laser peels before the big day. Depending on the treatment, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment for best results. No bride would want to spend her big day smiling with the rest of her face and features frozen rigid.

Too Much Moisture
If you’ve been moisturising your face and body regularly with good results, stick to your usual treatment. Don’t try on a new moisturiser or face mask the day before your wedding – your skin may have an adverse reaction and break out in rashes or pimples. The same rule applies for body moisturisers as well. If you want to try something new, do it 2 weeks before your wedding and gauge the results.

Keep Covered
Avoid the sun and outdoor activities at least 3 weeks before your wedding.  Be mindful of the sun when going about your normal activities outdoors. If it’s too hot and inconvenient to wear long sleeves and hats, use sunblock liberally. You really don’t want unsightly tan lines when you’re dressed in the strapless wedding dress of your dreams.

Pretty Bare
If you intend to show more skin with a backless dress, make sure your skin is smooth and blemish free. If you intend to get a body scrub to get rid of dead skin and have a more even colour, do it a week before the wedding to avoid possible red marks and rashes.

Hair prep
A good hairstylist will tell you not to use hair conditioner the day before the wedding. Too much hair treatment and conditioner will leave you with shiny locks, but the hair will also be too flat, soft and mositurized for styling. Your hairstylist will be able to style your hair with products that leave it looking healthy and shiny on the day itself. If you want to have hair treatments do it at least a week before the wedding. The same applies for colouring and trims.

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