Suss out your photographer’s portfolio

While a photographer might be fantastic with natural light or outdoor photography, indoor lighting might not be his or her forte. Get your photographer to show you samples of his or her indoor shots before you commit so you don’t end up getting disappointed.

11219408_915411208516872_8856707517544537135_n.jpgImage: Ektory 

Think out of the box

Even if you’re having a studio shoot, there are tons of ways to make it interesting and unique. For a whimsical theme, think giant flower heads like these (above) from Ektory, a flower wall or even a vespa. For a grander setting, we love these majestic Roman pillars (below) from Prestige Edge. Just make sure your studio (and the lift to the studio!) can accommodate the height and width of your props.

WC9865.v1.jpgImage: Female Brides Lookbook Issue 10


With indoor lighting or flash photography, you can afford to go bolder with your makeup – think stronger eye makeup, blush and even a darker lip colour- even if you’re seeking a natural look. Soft makeup can have you looking washed out when the light hits you. Also, make sure your makeup is immaculate as strong lighting can be unforgiving, and this gives your photographer less to digitally touch up too.


Windows are your best friend

For pictures in hotels, cafes or restaurants, we love using locations that have huge windows. Natural light is incredibly flattering, and a backlit photo or one with side lighting creates a soft ethereal vibe that is super romantic!