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Many brides and grooms calmly reason that no matter what goes wrong on their big day they wouldn’t be distraught. Admirably, some couples focus on the nuptials alone, branding anything else as insignificant. But would you keep your cool and remember the true meaning of your wedding day if one of these nightmares became a reality on the most special day of your life? Somehow, we don’t think so.

1. Damage to the wedding dress

The endless wedding dress hunt, multiple dress fittings and of course the cost – the wedding dress is one of the most significant aspects of a bride’s wedding day, so the thought of it being even the smallest degree away from perfection will fill her with dread. Red wine spillages or torn hems are the last things a bride would wish to happen to her cherished gown. Admittedly it will most likely only be worn once, but a bride’s ultimate goal is flawlessness after all.

2. Your partner doesn’t turn up

Surely one of the biggest fears of an up-and-coming bride or groom is for their other half not to show up to say ‘I do’. The bride can be forgiven for being slightly late to her own wedding, but the thought of waiting with a stomach full of nerves for your partner to show up is the last thing you’d want on your wedding day. The humiliation, the confusion and the heartache – no one deserves to go through that.

3. Someone disputing the marriage

That tense moment during the vows when the wedding guests are asked if they wish to share any reason why the happy couple should not wed – surely this never results in anyone actually saying anything? But could you imagine the shock, the horror and the pure embarrassment as an ex-lover or protective parent stands up to declare their feelings? There are some things that are better left unsaid.

4. Your wedding guests don’t show up

Aside from the dilemma of your partner not showing up to marry you, another catastrophe would be for none of your friends and family to either! Had there been a miss-print of the date on the wedding invitations? Had they all coincidentally forgotten? Or had they all ventured to the wrong venue? Whatever the reason for no-show wedding guests, your heart would sink at the realisation your wedding was guest-less.

5. Food poisoning

After the nuptials, drinks reception and wedding speeches, you and your wedding guests will be ready for the delicious wedding breakfast. But what if the chicken was undercooked or the fish out of date? Dodgy shellfish or iffy eggs? Within a few hours there would be a queue for the toilets and sweat-beaded foreheads all-round. Calling an early end to your wedding reception would surely be the most regretful thing you’d ever have to do.  

6. Allergic reaction

Waking up on the morning of your wedding with a face as red as your rose bouquet because of that face scrub, or a rash across your chest from your new fabric conditioner is a bride’s (and perhaps groom’s) worst nightmare. Fake tan mishaps, allergic reactions and even falling asleep with your face mask on – there are all manner of embarrassing bodily quandaries that could happen prior to your nuptials, not to mention an outbreak of acne or eczema. The motto here is; do not try any new cosmetic products or clothing detergents the day before your wedding, and more importantly, steer clear of facial waxing, microdermabrasion or chemical peels, ouch!

7. The bride outshone by bridesmaids

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look their best, but what if one of them completely steals the limelight and hogs all of the attention? No bride will admit to wanting to be the star of the show, but secretly that’s all they dream of. So when a hot, young bridesmaid rocks up looking like a Miss World contestant you can’t blame the bride for feeling slightly deflated. After all, it’s her day and all eyes should be on her. Bridesmaids, take note: leave the push-up bra and false lashes at home!

8. Double-booked wedding

Arriving at your wedding venue and facing the realisation that your wedding has been double booked could possibly be the worst thing to happen on your wedding day. Two grooms, two brides and four angry faces. A shouting match, however, is not the way to win your day back. A bit of compromise will be on the cards instead and probably a huge change of plan. But you know what they say; the more the merrier!

9. Break down on the way to the ceremony

On your way to your wedding, with butterflies in your stomach and clammy palms, the last thing any bride or groom will be thinking about is the car they’re travelling in to break down. Why do these dramas have a way of cropping up at the most inconvenient moment; like before an interview or on the way to the airport? Hopefully, you’ll arrive at your wedding ceremony unscathed and on time. Fingers crossed!

10. Embarrassing speech

Both the bride and groom may get nervous prior to the best man’s speech as they are notoriously embarrassing. It’s no secret that men share secrets with their pals – especially secrets about their other half. Humiliating sex stories, embarrassing relationship blunders – a group of guy friends might know more about the bride than her bridesmaids do! So how would you and your partner feel if the best man let rip in front of your families and shamed you into leaving your own wedding? Cringe!

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