WC37336.jpgGet the right look and feel for your portraits – consult your photographer and hair and makeup stylist to achieve great results.

I just met a bride who was upset with her wedding photographer. She had an album full of beautiful pictures of her actual wedding day, but she was upset that there were no group pictures of the couple themselves with their respective families, or with their wedding party.

She said: “When I first met the team I didn’t specify that I wanted those particular pictures – I thought those shots would be on every photographers checklist of ‘must-take’ pictures!”

The lesson learnt? Never assume, and always, always be clear about your expectations.

Whether you want a picture of you and your new husband walking hand in hand, or hugging together, be sure to communicate that to your photographer. SOURCE: Ashley Tisdale’s Instagram page.

Choosing the right wedding photographer can be tricky; besides recommendations from friends and doing online searches, what you hear, and see, may not give you the full picture of a photographer’s talents and abilities. Experienced wedding photographers will always insist on meet-ups and lengthy discussions to be clear on a couple’s expectations, needs and preferences.

If you’ve narrowed down the photographer you like, show him samples of his work that you like and find out how he intends to shoot you for your portraits or actual day pictures. And producing great wedding pictures is not a solo or one-sided affair; it’s a team effort which requires great chemistry within the team and everyone doing their best.

gading4.jpgAnother photo on your checklist: one of you before the ceremony, as well as one of the venue, especially if you’re getting married in a picturesque location. From the wedding of Gisella & Gading, June 2014.

Here are some pointers to note during your discussion with your photographer, and other tips to ensure you are all set and ready for your shoot:

– Highlight the pictures from the photographer’s portfolio that you like. – Ask for samples of DI-ed pictures and special treatments that the photographer may employ for your shoot.

– Prepare a checklist of ‘must-take’ pictures for your pre-wedding and actual day album. Go through the checklist on the day of your shoot to ensure all the important pictures are captured.

– Highlight to the photographer your preferred face and body angles to shoot, and what kind of poses you like – intimate hugging couple shots or breezy hand-in-hand walking pictures.

– To get the right look and feel for your pictures, get the photographer’s advice on the hair and makeup for your shoot. A dramatic fashion-themed picture would require more dramatic makeup.

– Insist on seeing sample pictures after they are shot to ensure the angle, and feel, is what you like.

– Go through the contract and ask questions on any item or issue that you are not clear about.  Most photographers are flexible with their contract terms.

– For outdoor location shoots, find out what you need to prepare.

– To look your best, state your preferred timing, and duration time, for your pre-wedding shoots. Taking pictures in the middle of the day will wilt any radiant bride in her finery.

– Be realistic. Don’t expect 5 wardrobe changes for a half-day shoot outdoors. And if you choose an extremely affordable package, don’t expect the heavens. 

– If you’ve decided on your photographer, listen to his ideas and advice during the shoot. His expert opinion and experience are what you are paying for as well.

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