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There’s nothing worse than a wedding reception without good music, where the guests slump around wishing they were somewhere else. Just think of the wedding reception scene in the film Love Actually where the DJ awkwardly starts playing “Puppy Love” – cringe!

Steer clear of the chances of this happening with this wedding reception playlist.

Top wedding reception songs

Background music

Michael Bublé – “Everything”
This song has a somewhat calming influence to it while still being upbeat, which is perfect as background music for when your guests are milling around once they’ve arrived at the wedding reception. It’s a classic love song from the much-loved Canadian crooner and will fill guests with gladness for the newly married couple.

Amy Winehouse – “Our Day Will Come”

We all know and love the voice of the late Amy Winehouse, and this particular tune is perfect as background music while your guests are ordering their first drinks and catching up with one another. It’s happy yet calm, summery and mellow.  You may see a subtle shimmy or shuffle from a guest or two as they sip their first glass of champagne to this tune.

Rebecca Ferguson – “Nothing’s Real But Love”
You’ll recognise this soulful tune from the Nescafé Gold Blend coffee advertisement! Liverpudlian Rebecca Ferguson was the runner-up of the seventh series of The X Factor. Her rich and smoky voice will chill all of your guests out while they’re waiting for the photographs to be taken. They can all bask in the tranquility of her rich vocals with a glass of something cold in hand.

Emeli Sandé – “Next To Me”
An all-rounder, Emeli Sandé is loved by all. “Next To Me” will perk your guests up without getting them over excited and desperate to hit the dance floor too early. You can almost hear the glasses clinking together as guests make toasts to the happy couple while the pair weaves in and out greeting their family and friends.

The Beatles – “Something”
This iconic band cannot be left out of your wedding celebrations. With oodles of hits to choose from, there definitely is a Beatles song for every newlywed couple. This simple but beautiful Abbey Road song describes the absolute affection and adoration a man has for his woman. Its slower pace makes it perfect for the end of the evening when guests are winding down and last orders are being placed. That recognisable guitar riff makes this a song for all ages.

For the dance floor

Kings of Leon – “Sex On Fire”

No party worth its tequila is complete without this hit from rock band Kings of Leon. It is a surefire way to get every guest on the dance floor, busting their best moves. Either play it early on to get the party started (it’s inevitable that your wedding guests will loiter around the edges of the dance floor at the start) or at the peak of the night to turn friendly fun into a frenzy.

Beyoncé – “Single Ladies”
Quite the ironic hit from the bride’s point of view, but very fitting for those single, sexy bridesmaids out there, “Single Ladies” is a wedding reception must-have. This song is for the ladies at your wedding reception, who will love nothing more than to boogie like they were Beyoncé to this empowering soul sister song. The famous dance routine will be shown off by your guests and everyone will simply have a giggle with this one.

Bruno Mars – “Marry You”
This fun and happy hit will get your guests up and dancing as it’s one of those songs that we all know the words to. Some might say it’s too much of a cliché for a wedding reception but you need a handful of witty hits to keep everyone in high spirits. It gives the younger guests a chance to own the dance floor while the Aunts and Uncles go and get a top up at the bar.

Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – “We Found Love”
As soon as this tune starts you get a giddy feeling in your stomach and you feel the urge to rush to the nearest dance floor. Let’s hope your wedding guests feel the same and fill the dance floor at your wedding. This song is upbeat and all about having a good time and feeling free. Guests can let their hair down and bop away, or even rave while getting a piggy back ride à la Rihanna’s music video.

Lionel Richie – “Dancing On The Ceiling”
An old-school classic; if there’s one song that is guaranteed to get the party started it’s this one. The older generation will be transported back to the ‘80s when this song was first released, and the younger guests who aren’t so familiar will appreciate it purely for the entertainment of watching their parents, aunties and uncles strut their stuff.

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