Getwed headerThere comes a time in many relationships when you want to take things to the next level. These desires can be felt by both parties, but it often falls on the man in the relationship to make the decision and pop the question. But what signs should you keep your eyes open for, which reveal his plans to propose? If you’ve got an inkling, take a look at these tell-tale signs to reveal whether you’ll soon be saying ‘I do.’

1. Jewellery box

Hopefully this won’t leave you in a panic that one of your sparkly pieces has been stolen, but if you check your jewellery box and notice one of your rings is missing then this could be the work of a proposal-plotting boyfriend. Getting the right sized engagement ring is all part of his smooth operation, but it’s not the most subtle way to select your ring size. On this note, keep your eyes peeled for him checking out your digits and holding your hands more frequently.

2. Impromptu jewellery shopping

This may seem way too conspicuous, but you’d be surprised how many doting boyfriends begin suggesting visits to antique shops or jewellery shops while you’re out and about in town. He’s hoping you’ll give him a clue of the style of ring you’re wowed by, but surely this tactic just gives the game away? Perhaps then, ladies, you should be dropping subtle hints of your dream bling to help him out.

3. Secrecy

A change in behaviour of a usually laidback lover can trigger curiosity in many a girlfriend. Perhaps they are becoming more secretive and protective over their bank statements or computer. After all, any large outgoings or the list of jewellers on his laptop history will give the game away. As will arriving home late from work or leaving the room to make a private phone call. Let’s just hope this kind of behaviour doesn’t leave you feeling concerned for other goings on…

4. Domestic God

Some women may be blessed with a domestic boyfriend; one who cleans up after himself, cooks delicious meals and doesn’t leave the toilet seat up. But if this is not the norm for your man, then look out for his sudden change of heart when it comes to his domestic disposition. If he suddenly starts offering to do the ironing to give you a break, or whips out his culinary skills, then it’s because he is assuring you of his husband material. Needless to say, this transformation often ceases post proposal!

5. Extra attention

Similar to the domestic God, extra attention and affection from your man may also indicate his plans to propose marriage. Being thoughtful, romantic and caring are all ways of wooing you all over again, but this time, for the insurance of a ‘yes’ to marriage. Just like your first dates, he’s pulling out the courtship tactics to make you his wife. Naturally, he doesn’t want to be left hanging when he asks for your hand in marriage, so giving you the princess treatment in the run-up will make him an appealing life mate.

6. Third degree

As much as your boyfriend loves you inside and out, at the end of the day, he isn’t a woman and may not remember (or listen to) all of those little things you say! There will come a time when these ‘little things’ make all the difference, and can be the difference between a heartfelt and thoughtless proposal. So, if you find yourself being quizzed by Mr Right about your favourite flowers, most memorable place or much-loved restaurant then prepare yourself for the big question.

7. Nerves aplenty

When it comes to ‘P-Day’ (proposal day) you might notice a complete change to your boyfriend’s demeanour. Things to look out for include persistent checking of his phone/public transport updates/the weather report/pockets. He may be fidgety, have clammy palms and just be acting strange overall. Unsurprisingly, he will be feeling very nervous, but if he has taken you to a romantic spot and shows any of the said signs, then you’re in for a treat!

8. The hunch

Women are pretty intuitive creatures; the eyes and ears of their relationship, you might say. Let’s face it, nothing much gets past them. So, more often than not, women will pick up on even the most subtle of changes that may suggest a proposal is on the cards. If you’re considering marrying someone, then you should know them inside-out, which of course is an advantage when it comes to seeing through them and noticing small changes in their behaviour.

9. Loved ones’ involvement

It’s not uncommon for guys to doubt themselves when it comes to big romantic gestures. Often they will seek a bit of moral support from the other big loves in your life, such as your siblings, parents or best buddies. When your partner does enlist the help of others, you may also notice their behaviour alter, which is a tell-tale sign. They are the middle-men between you and your boyfriend, and will no doubt be ferrying messages secretly between the two of you to make the proposal perfect.

10. Out of the ordinary

It’s nice to try new things and dip out of routine, but when your man starts suggesting you try things that are totally out of the blue for you as a couple, then alarm bells should start ringing (or wedding bells, rather). Suggestions to visit historic castles, take a hot air balloon ride or go horse riding are all obvious signs. Even out-of-character traits such as wanting to discuss your feelings and the future should be noted as suspicious – if your man is normally a closed book and suddenly transforms into a waterfall of emotion then you know what’s coming.

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